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Acts of Kindness and its Forms

Updated on November 11, 2010

Kindness has many different forms in its meaning. The term can not be expressed or defined in just one particular way. This is because there are many different variations of kindness that are portrayed or communicated. The term kindness, generally, refers to a good deed that a person does. This, however, is not necessarily true in all senses of the word. Some forms of kindness indicate a good deed, but the task may not have been kindness in its truest form. The word kindness has many revelations in all the forms of the meaning behind it.

The first type of kindness is basic manners. These can including saying things such as please and thank you. These are often prompted when receiving a gift and replying in a polite manner. They are also often said when someone is in need of help or acquires aid in some scenario. For example, a woman drops books all over the floor. She asks a man to help her and uses the word please. The man helps the woman out, and she replies by saying thank you. This can be considered gratitude, except your expressing the actual emotion by speaking words such as thank you.



The second form of kindness is obligatory. This kindness can be interpreted as a social obligation. A person feels obligated in society to perform a certain act of kindness or speak out in a polite way. This can be prompted spontaneously in many cases. For instance, an old lady falls on the ground and can not get up. A person sees her laying there and feels compelled to help. The individual helps her up off the ground or floor. This was an act of kindness, but may have been prompted by obligation and not a form of optional action.

The final form of kindness is optional acts of good will. This is where an individual goes out of his or her way to perform an act of kindness. Not obligated in any way. He or she is merely doing this from the bottom of their heart. Donating to a charity organization is regarded as pure optional kindness. Performing community service when its not done in a “mandatorily” fashion is another optional type of kindness. Basically, any act that is not initiated by social obligation or other factors is an optional act of kindness or good will. This is the truest form of kindness, since an individual goes out of his or her way to commence it.

While kindness is usually regaurded as an act of good will, not all forms are exactly the same. Each specific act of kindness
has its own level of kindness depending on the scenario and how it was used. The three forms, basic manners, obligatory, and optional kindness are all positive acts of good will, but optional kindness is by far the strongest resonating type.

Note from author: This was written for an essay for school. This looks a lot smaller on hubpages than it does on word perfect on which it was written on.


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