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Adam & Eve -- A poem

Updated on September 15, 2014

"GOD’s First Daughter"

My beautiful son I see you’re alone,

I’ll make you another to have for your own.

You’ve observed in MY garden the animals pairing,

And there’s so many things that you should be sharing.

I remember that day when first our eyes met,

The excitement, the love, the tenderness, yet,

Something was missing I could see from above,

That you needed a partner, and someone to love.

Come close now my son, and fall deeply at rest,

I have work I must do to make you your best.

So Adam asleep -- gave a part of his side,

And GOD made for him a beautiful bride.

But there was a moment, a meeting of grace,

When GOD looked directly into Eve’s face.

He saw something special, something tender and pure,

And now HE could see things were certain and sure.

There was time for a while before Adam would wake,

When this daughter of GOD would make HIS heart ache.

Now that HE saw her what could HE say?

The time had arrived to give her away.

There’s no way of knowing how long they embraced,

As FATHER and daughter He knew what HE faced,

To let go of her hand as all Father’s must,

And present her to Adam, that he made from the dust.

So the first ever daughter and the first ever boy,

Along with their father experienced joy!

That was the start, the beginning of man,

But what happened next interrupted the plan.

They sinned in that garden giving heed to the snake,

And took of the fruit they were warned not to take.

The serpent - his words, they were cunning and cute,

And he pressed her, and tricked her, into taking the fruit.

So she took what before she had only beheld,

And ADAM knew better but still he rebelled.

It sadden their FATHER it angered HIM too,

But HE had a plan and HE knew what to do.

We know how this ended – the punishments set,

The trials, tribulations, and horrors we’ve met,

They teach us that we need - our Father to say,

How to rise up, and sit down, and walk in the way.

Alone men and women were headed for doom,

Were it not for the savior who came from the womb,

Of a woman, a virgin, no man was involved,

This is the way it would all be resolved.

As HE felt the spear - go deep in HIS side

Where the rib used to be – “It is finished” HE Cried

From Adam came Eve way back in our past

From Christ comes the Church and the Kingdom at Last.


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