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Address Concerns

Updated on October 21, 2016

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Sent scrambling, government agencies within Delaware needed to compete with the newer, freer institutions. The final death twitches came at no surprise to the private organizations which had already formed a stronghold in the marketplace. One such government entity was This site featured a state-run dating service focused on offering folks the opportunity to link up with other singles. Unlike private companies with streamlined services and easily accessible menus and options, FindLove claimed to deliver a stellar site but ended up giving the user a headache. In order to navigate the pages, the site called for terms of use (TOU) and address and phone number before advancing to each and every photograph or biography. This made the site an eyesore and a pain yet people signed up for it. One such individual was Anjee Gillion. She had worked for a short time as a sandwich maker at Moretti’s fried turkey shop. She had worked there for about five years and dated the assistant manager before he was fired for clocking in on someone else’s time card.

The Process of Discovering a Mate

Anjee stayed and after he was terminated, their romantic courtship ceased. Now, she looked forward to engaging with a young man with mutual goals and values. THe virtue of independence would definitely have to take precedence in the process of discovering a mate. She sought a man with qualities which would make for a good husband and father. FindLove afforded the opportunity to search for a partner for “free.” Delawareans would soon be experiencing the Great Transition (GT) but not before government bureaucrats would convene on distorting the market. But since she wasn’t paying for it and it did allow her to meet Delaware men, Anjee utilized the site. She signed digitally the clause which read, “I will affirm that I will not stalk matches on the site.” She signed her tablet and continued her search for a man to love.

Ready to Engage


A Woman of Substance

Her father had instilled in her the morals of dignity and respect and knowledge of self. Mr. Gillion ensured that Anjee would lead a life of honor. What separated her from most other women was that she was a lady. She grew up in a household of proud people who recognized the worth to be found in oneself. From the time she could walk and talk, her father had made great effort for Anjee to one day carry herself like a woman of substance. And she did. Anjee clicked through the profiles, remembering to check that she had read and understood the TOU and that she would respect the rights of others on the site. But FindLove presented a plethora of challenges to users like Anjee. When she had logged in finally, the site would crash and show the dreaded 404 error message. Yet, she continued after the site went down for nearly half an hour. Anjee, when FindLove was back online, selected a young man fresh out of Delaware Institute of Technology. Landon Kettler, 30 and employed at Trask Electronics in New Castle, Delaware had no kids and a beaming smile. She clicked on his bio. It read: “I just finished school to become a criminologist. I’m looking for a fun, fresh, and interesting young lady to like and maybe love.” She scrolled down the page. FindLove then issued a message: “Due to high volume hours, our site is down currently. Sorry for any inconvenience.” Anjee rolled her eyes. Kettler’s bright teeth illuminated Anjee’s tablet for another twenty minutes. The twirling pinwheel of death indicating a loading page showed on her screen. After the multi-minute wait, Anjee reloaded the site. To her surprise, Kettler’s page did not appear. She reloaded again. Again. She came up with nothing. The site was back up and running (for now) but no sight of Kettler. Anjee scrolled down the page hoping that there would be a way to retrieve Kettler’s profile. Not only did the site not allow for anyone to view someone else’s page after a crash, FIndLove barred Anjee from even trying to find a reason why. She chose to view her history in an attempt to see Kettler. The thought surfaced in her mind that there existed plenty of other dating sites and myriad profiles. Of course she had options. But the enchantment of a “free” platform intrigued and enticed her. She located a number associated with FindLove.

A Response to Values


To Grow Brighter

As she dialed, she felt pangs of resignation. Compelled by the idea of discovering a partner with similar interests, she tamped down those emotional tugs and waited for the telephone prompts. “Welcome to! The site where adults find matches based on a wide-range of characteristics. For help navigating the site in English, press one. Para Español, oprima numero dos. Für Deutsch presse drei. Dya Rossiyskoy pressy chetyre.” Anjee pressed one and waited. And waited. Some showtunes began playing and she had her hand on her hip at this point. “Thank you for waiting. We will assist you in nine minutes.” The automated voice lacked pep and continued to drone on in a monotonous way. Anjee paced for a moment then reached for her wireless headphones. While still on hold, she viewed plans on her phone to build her own sandwich shop. Six minutes remained. The show tunes had mellowed into shoe-gazing music. She stood still. The zero on her device seemed to grow brighter. Once she tapped the screen, she waited for the prompt. “Thank you for your patience. A representative will take your call in approximately 30 seconds.” Anjee perked up a bit. Within this short window of time, she glanced at her watch and then trained her focus on the tablet. The site still showed the dreaded pinwheel. And then a real, live human voice. “This is Rahqueeta Carlsdale of, how may I direct your call?” The lines presented a polite demeanor but the tone seemed dull and uninspired.

“Yes, I was calling in regard to the site currently not working. I also experienced the loss of a page that I was viewing and I was wondering if you could possibly assist me with this problem.” Anjee heard the sound of seemingly incessant clicking of a keyboard. A few moments of this occurred until Rahqueeta spoke again.


“Ma’am, we are currently undergoing an upgrade so the site may appear to be slower than normal,” Rahqueeta said.

“So, will I be able to retrieve the pages that I had previously viewed?”

“No, those items will not be available in the future.”

Anjee breathed. She glanced at her watch and considered her options.

“Will I at least be able to sign in to the site?”

“That will not be possible, ma’am.”

In what appeared to be a communications nightmare, Anjee placed her right palm on her head and relented.

“Thank you for your time, you’ve been very helpful Rahqueeta.”

“And thank you, ma’am for your patience. Enjoy your day.”

Anjee returned to her tablet to see if she could take a snapshot of the wait cursor. She accomplished that. Then, she sent the photo in an email to the address on the FindLove site. She included the message: “This is unacceptable.”

Love's "How-to" Guide


Just when she sent the email, a text message appeared on her phone. It read: Experiencing trouble on FIndLove? Head on over to Delalove, the fully free, private option.” Anjee started to enter the address for Delalove when her phone rang.


“Yes, is this Anjee?”

Anjee noted the deep, sonorous voice on the other end of the line. Her heart dropped a bit.

“Yes, this is she.”

“It worked! It actually worked!” The voice exclaimed. This is Landon. Landon Kettler from FindLove. I’m so glad to hear your voice.”

“But how…” Anjee started and then remembered all that signing and entering your address and phone number business. She hesitated for a moment and began in a different way.

“Yes, Landon. I’m glad you called.”

“Actually, I’m excited that you picked up the phone. Right before the site crashed, a message with your cell phone number and email address flashed across my screen. At first I didn’t believe that a site could do this, then I thought about all of the TOU. FindLove is a pretty shady site when it comes to how people meet online. The irony of it all is that I met someone like you,” Kettler said.

“Well, thank you,” Anjee said.

“You’re welcome.”

The Writing's All There


A Love Question

Should the government involve itself in the love affairs of people?

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