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Hawau Hawau Matan Amodu

Updated on March 7, 2014

Mama, remarkable Hawau!

Born to love and serve and show

that life was for learning and to grow

abreast with changes to make us know

that God is great

no matter our faith.

Hawau Hawau Matan Amodu

Chatting with young and old she would

reaching them in places no one could

getting them to do as they should

to make their lives worthwhile, healthy and better

by opening them up to bring out the winner.

In the village harems in Northern Nigeria,

where other nurses had feared to approach,

in hijabs, on their floors she would sit and coach

on complex issues others would not dare to broach

from safe sex, rehydration to the use of antibiotics.

she made the time to answer questions on every topic

though as a mother of eight, her schedules were hectic

Hawau Hawau Matan Amodu

She nursed them with understanding and kindness

knowing that about their bodies they were clueless.

She advised, educated and challenged those helpless

her interest and love showed all was not hopeless.

Gradually they took control of their environment,

and gently addressing their fears with their men

they began to change by influencing the local government.

Hawau Hawau Matan Amodu

With that, her work done she moved to another village

always tackling each difficulty with renewed courage

never was she short of time to help or encourage.

Tactfully she would help you see the error of your thoughts

with her wisdom she guided you to do as you ought

and for this many a damning outburst came to nought.

Hawau Hawau Matan Amodu

She had grace, charisma, beauty, wit and charm

she had faith and joy and peace like a soothing balm.

She danced and cooked and joked and played

though quietly for her cancer riddled body she prayed

She was full of life and wisdom and love

for her family and others and God above.

Hawau Hawau Matan Amodu

Alas with heavy hearts we must say adieu.


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