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Adieu Uncle

Updated on October 20, 2012
Of all the things i wanted to be which i am not, he stopped me from being one...

It was a cool Saturday mid-day and i left to see him after coming back from Lagos the previous day, the look of his eyes at the sight of the form i wanted him to sign for me sent shock into my vein.

"You see he said to me, i will not allow you to join the army,this is the last respect i will give your late Father" He tore the form into pieces and threw the pieces into the waste bin then said to me

"Go back to school"

-But Oboli; i want to join the army,Nnanyelu himself drove me to Dodan Barrack and paid for the form for me

-I will not allow that, by the way do you have any problem in school? Nne mulu onye army gba aka nwa so go back to school

I frowned and was about to explode but had to leave,my heart broke because this dream will not come true,my desire to enlist into the military is dead but as i walked like five steps, i overheard him say something and it was directed to me...

"One day you will appreciate that i stopped you from making this mistake".

Goodness me, making a mistake my ass, i thought as i left him with annoyance and heart filled with sadness, it was sixteen years ago,a young boy trying to be a positive element but you see,what the wise saw sitting,the simple will not see standing.And i must say that i appreciate that he stopped me from enlisting into the army.

My Uncle, the power house of our family(s) and the bravest of braves, a man of principal who stood for justice and fought against oppression,we will all miss you sir.

On behalf of the Ikeazor/Keazor family and the Umunnakwa families of Obosi, Anambra state. Nigeria, i sadly announce the death of a son of the soil, the man who stopped me from enlisting into the army; Barrister Timothy Chimezie Ikeazor. Oboli Obosi, who passed on on the 12th of October 2012.

To his children, he was Papa and to his grandchildren Grandpa but to us, he was our pillar.We will miss you and i wonder who will fit into this gap your death created.

Comrades, there will be a seven days mourning for my late Uncle.All group activity will commence on the 26th of October.

Adieu Uncle
You fought your battle
You won all your fight
You tested history
You moved history
History will preserve you
Oboli Obosi-SAN
You were hard outside
But so sweet inside

Rest in peace sir.


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