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Adopt Creativity in Your Writings to Touch the Summit of Success

Updated on October 29, 2016
Shermeck profile image

Shermeck likes to explore new ideas about writing creatively. She believes in finding new styles of writing for stronger influence.


The Cambridge dictionary defines creative writing as the activity of writing stories, poetry, etc., or stories, poems, etc. that are written.

Wikipedia puts it differently: Creative writing is any writing that goes outside the bounds of normal professional, journalistic, academic, or technical forms of literature.

What is Creativity?

We can understand from the above definitions that creativity is a name given to a certain niche of writing that is purely based on the ideas and imagination of a writer. It can be a story, drama or poem either fictional or non-fictional. This is known and agreed upon among all writers about creative writing but I would like to add a point in the definition of creativity.

And what is my point? Creativity is present in other sorts of writings as well! Yes, academic essays, pieces of journalism, and even technical writing carry traces of creativity.

What do I mean by creativity in these forms of writing? Writing is all about a writer’s imagination and understanding. Not only a story or drama is a creative art piece but what a writer imagines and thinks about a certain fact is differently from other writers and this can be called his creative approach to the topic. The mental picture of a theory is uniquely of a writer’s own mind. He displays facts according to his special personal imagination. His style shows his approach to creativity!

Creativity Reflects Many Shades

Creativity can be visual; it can be structural; it can be present in the way of submitting an idea to your audience - the way you start and the way you enter a topic. These creative ideas are very delicate and incorporate style and presentation. Successful writers always grab the attention of their readers with their style of bringing their ideas to life with words. No matter how boring or uninteresting an idea is, the way they put it into words and share it visually renders it as attractive.

Keeping Creativity Unique

What makes each piece of writing unique? This is the personal imagination of a writer that showcases a certain theory or fact in a specific way. Here creativity plays its role. You as a person with a special mental picture of topics in concern and your knowledge about it are able to go beyond the usual in making your content creative. Whether it is a report or an essay containing factual information, you need creativity to make it a remarkable piece of writing. We can say that creativity is an indispensable part of writing. Journalism, opinions, analysis, essays and all other sorts of writings need creativity in style, formation, and presentation.

Now, imagine that a writer is talking about agriculture and modern farming methods. For sure he is going to bring all scientific details and proofs to confirm his point. But, if he is creative in his style of arranging the content and structuring the information, his essay is going to look great. It will attract more readers and for sure more people shall share this piece of writing for the useful information in it and its attractive writing style.

Look at these images:

Image 1
Image 1 | Source
Image 2
Image 2 | Source

These images are screenshots from 2 websites where modern farming methods are discussed. Both are on the same subject but one is presenting the facts with 47 different images and the other in just plain text. Of course, no one will call these writings “creative writings”, but, they both are different because of the creativity their authors adopted in their presentation. This has a huge impact on making a content popular and you can see how many views one of the contents has gathered. This is a live example of visual creativity that makes difficult-to-understand data easy and interesting. Visual creativity has amazing effects on the memory of people. They remember it!

To make this point clearer, check two news items in two different resources, both are on the same incident. Though this is journalism which is not considered creative writing yet it has a very strong link to creativity - a fact that I am trying to highlight. News items and events that are posted by newspapers and magazines need to be highly attractive both visually and verbally. Only powerful contents in magazines and newspapers make the best posts because they can attract readers and hook them.

Now, check these images, too.

Image 3
Image 3 | Source
Image 4
Image 4 | Source

Image 4 shows the report having been written with concise data important for everyone. Moreover, it also clearly mentions the cause of the accident which is the first thing people look for in plane crash news.

Image 3 shares the news of plane crash in a rather plain style with no data about the incident.

Journalism with creative style can make a huge impact on the masses. Upon finding a news item interesting, people share it with friends and acquaintances. Often it is the creativity in language and narration in journalism that attracts views and shares.

These two examples offer strong evidence on the necessity of using creativity in all sorts of academic writings, journalism, reports, assignments etc. By being creative, teachers can train students better, employees can create stronger reports, journalists can find better jobs, and studies done by research centers can be better understood. We are at the brink of a new era where creativity is highly focused upon in everything. So, get equipped with innovative thoughts and ideas to touch the peak of success in writing as never before!


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    • Shermeck profile imageAUTHOR

      Quenjena Ibr 

      2 years ago from Islamabad

      Thanks renee21. I am glad that you get the point. My next post will be about keeping creativity intact in your writings. Follow me and you will find new posts soon:)

    • renee21 profile image


      2 years ago

      This is an interesting article. I like it how more than just poems and books use creativity.


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