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Advanced Love

Updated on May 7, 2015

Moon Dance Brings Romance


Things we never share;

I have never felt closer to you than I do in this very moment. I have never felt such love.

Not a moment goes by, in which I don't admire the essence of your being; the soul in which you embody.

It is people like you, who inspire people like me.

You see; without the car, there is no drive, and without the drive there is no purpose.

Your body mimics the fluttering murmur of my systolic rhythm. My body mimics the inspiration and expiration of your chest.

To love you, is to know you. To know you, is to love you.

You be exactly who you are, and I will accept you for just that.

We came together like the sun and the moon, creating a harmonic chase of chaos.

The space in my heart was created to embody your soul, and the space in my soul was prepared to house your heart.

Your love heals and nurtures, like the purest form of medicine.

When you are not in my presence, you are in my heart. When you are not in my heart, you are in my head. When you are not in my head, you are in my arms.

Without you, I am fraudulent, waiting for activation. With you I am ascending, for you personify my wings.

You have stimulated my intellect without reason, more than any book could offer, a better story than any writer could name.

You are warming, the first bloom of spring. You are cooling, the last snow fall of winter.

Concentrated focus, it is your sense of humor I idolize.

Who are you when no one is watching? Who are you when I am watching?

Look over your right shoulder, how lovely is she?

Two seeds; neglected for years, finally receiving what they need to thrive. The next is in their roots.

How I feel about you, do you have any idea?


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