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Advanced Writing Tools

Updated on May 19, 2010

Need advanced writing tools that will assist you in writing quality content for your website or essays? Perhaps you have just moved here and you would like to learn how to speak English fluently. There are many ways you can do this and with the help of advanced writing tools, you could even cut your time in half. Here are just a few old school tools for writing, and one particular program that has really helped me with my writing skills.

Microsoft Works Word

Great for writing essays. You can set it up for auto correct, saving your work, and even adding images. This is the ultimate program for all your projects online. It has picture crop option, auto linking, centered text, advanced tables, ABC check, print, and so much more.

Digital Dictionary

There are many types of digital dictionaries out there, but if you speak English as a second language, you'll want to consider getting one that has both English and your primary language. Many dictionaries can now convert the meaning of a word to your language - so you don't have to look through the dictionary and find confusing meanings in English.


There are practically tons of advanced writing tools out there today, but one in particular that I have been using has helped me a lot. I was born here in the United States and have perfect grammar - but when I was younger, that was a different story. I started using a program called "Correctingles" which has really been easy for me to use. It has artificial intelligence with an advanced grammar checker. If you do get a word wrong or type in the wrong punctuation, it will give you an explanation of what you did wrong. How cool is that? It even shows the latest word trends available.


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