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Advantages Of Publishing Your Works -Publishing Makes Writing Interesting And Allows You To Write More

Updated on December 26, 2013

Are you lacking confidence in your own ideas? Are you finding difficulties publishing your work?

Why you can’t publish

Keeping or holding on to old ideas makes article writing boring. The more you hold on to your drafts, the more difficult it becomes for you to publish because the more new ideas occur to you, the more the old ideas seem archaic. Our knowledge about writing as well as on our topics keep advancing every day and by article by article. In fact, you may only be seeing the old ideas as imperfect because you wrote them probably at a period that you were under skilled as opposed to your current writing experience. You normally get to see old ideas as archaic because as new ideas develop you constantly compare the old ideas to the new ones that occur to you. You therefore lose confidence in your old ideas and you are unable to publish your articles.

The presence of certain ideas or your favorite ideas can result in a writer’s block. It can prevent you from discovering further ideas. You feel complacent and satisfied - and this can make you completely lose interest in your old ideas as well as the inspiration to write more.

Holding on to your content therefore can sabotage your writing process. When you publish or share your ideas, you get the chance to look or turn your attention in the direction of other article ideas. With your improved skills and knowledge, you will gain the needed confidence to take the next step or handle other writing situations.

Publishing your content helps you to discover the next article or the closely related content to start or begin developing. In fact, when you publish your content, you will see the way forward for improvement. Your improved skills always reflects in your subsequent works.

Do not focus on gaining mastery before publishing all contents. Publishing allows you the chance to improve article after article. Each article should represent a step in your improvement. Your confidence continues to grow after each article that you publish. Refusing to publish means sitting on your own confidence.

Advantages Of Publishing

Comments from readers can help you improve

When you publish your ideas, you are able to focus confidently on further or subsequent contents. If you cannot publish your content, it is difficult to improve in writing. It is also difficult to gain enough confidence to write more. Even the comments from the readers alone can help you to improve upon your writing skills.

Publishing your ideas clears the way and space for you to take the next step in writing.

Publishing more Creates more Room for Improvement and makes you productive

Publishing fresh contents or ideas makes writing interesting. When you have confidence of developing more and better ideas, you will have the confidence to publish. Alternatively, when you publish your content, you gain confidence to write more. Publishing allows you to write more and be productive at writing.

Publishing brings you more ideas to write. When you publish more, you gain the confidence to write more because seeing how much work you have done encourages you to do more.

When you share your ideas, you discover more ideas as new advance ideas come to replace old ones. Sharing or publishing your content allows you to discover more ideas and philosophical truths on your topic. Replacing your old ideas with new ones.

It is difficult to experience a writer’s block when publish your content often.

Having confidence in your ideas publishing often brings you the confidence to write more. You gain much confidence in your ideas and writing skills when people read your content. You are motivated to write more and publish more to satisfy your readers. You do not want to keep your readers waiting. You become responsible for your readers.

In fact, when you are able to publish your content, the imperfectness or incompleteness of the content is what is even going to bring the next inspiration. It is what is going to urge you on to advance. The next pull and encouragement to publish advanced contents to support what you have already. The imperfect ideas always encourages you to write more. It always makes you see another way forward. You can turn these advance ideas into new great articles.

To publish your ideas means to take the next step in writing and this greatly helps your improvement in writing.

Frees the mind off stress and workload

Publishing your content help to free your mind off the stress that causes the writer’s block. It frees your memories for more ideas to occur to you. In other words, publishing clears the mind or a way for you to produce more.

Procrastinating builds up stress and fear in writing. This psychologically deprives you of more ideas. As you refuse to publish, the work or articles pile up. Thoughts of the piled up work or project you will need to do- that alone can bring a writer’s block. When you think about the piled up work, you start to feel lazy and bored. You then start to feel fear – fear of failing in your work.

Publishing your content helps to clear out your thoughts and the stress that builds up in the writing process.

The mind’s eye becomes enlightened. You can absorb ideas easily and connect them. Publishing your content frees your mind of the stress and allows your fore memory to replace old ideas with new ones.

Whatever you write on paper or type on your computer is simply the physical representation of your virtual mind. Letting the content go by publishing frees the mind of stress and creates you space to allow more advance philosophical ideas to occur to you. You can absorb more ideas to support your published articles and create new articles as well. Still keep the old drafts will confuse you as to what to publish as the old ideas in start to conflict with new ones.

How we lose to gain

Consider the most important things or advantages that are available to you. What are the most important things in your life?

Generally, the availability or the presence of certain advantages blinds you from looking at other areas in your life. When you lose something what happens? Does feelings of rejection make you look at other important aspects of your life?

You can apply the same idea in your writing to increase your productivity. Most specifically in the publishing aspect of the writing process.

Publishing your ideas opens your eyes to other important contents as well as other aspects of the writing process. It helps you to give attention to other important ideas and develop them. You gain interesting in your old drafts. You rely on your subsequent articles to reveal your improved skill so you tend to give the other ideas your best.

Experimenting with other ideas

Some of your favorite ideas could be a distraction to developing other ideas for publishing. Publishing your ideas opens your eyes to other interesting drafts that you have not worked on yet. Allowing you space to focus on other contents to give them your best self and skill. It allows you the chance to experiment with other ideas.

*In fact letting go your ideas is going to allow you to write more because you can confidently focus on the rest of information left behind.

Publishing your Ideas Makes Titling of your Articles Easier

By letting, some contents go makes titling of the rest of the content or subsequent ones easier. You will be able to give the rest of your content or subsequent articles a unique title by comparing them to previously written or published contents.

Letting the content go opens your eyes to other important contents. You start to see other important ideas that can support or supplement what you have already written and published.

Advice To Writers

Give yourself the chance to publish your ideas and this will bring you much satisfaction and the confidence to write more. Do not hold your ideas from people. When people read your articles, you feel relieved to have contributed positively to other people’s lives. This brings your confidence and the encouragement to write more.

Until you share your articles, or publish them, you would not be able to give your full attention to the subsequent articles, which means that you cannot develop them very well. In order for you to come up with good readable articles, it is necessary that you publish the old ones so that you can direct your full effort and attention to subsequent ideas. When you let yourself distracted between old ideas and new ones you will not be able to give your best to your articles. This may confuse you, causing you stress and a writer’s block.

The more you hold on to your drafts seeking to come up with a perfect concept, the more the content itself expands branching into other areas. Ideas have no end. Ideas give birth to other ideas. Therefore, as your old ideas keep expanding, you may end up confusing yourself hence your readers.

Also the more you hold on to old drafts, you might be tempted to always develop them. This could result in many winding statements that would end up making your article difficult to understand by readers. Your article might end up sounding too abstract for readers.

There will never be a perfect product, because manufacturers will continue to have new ideas. They are always going to see the next step forward. You will therefore never be able to publish your contents if you still hold on to them waiting for perfection. If you are waiting for the perfect article before you will publish then you are never going to publish because you will never arrive at a perfect content.

*Allow yourself to share or publish your ideas so that you can write good subsequent articles. You will be able to write better articles than what you have previously published. There will never be a perfect product, because manufacturers will continue to have new ideas. They are always going to see the next step forward. You will therefore never be able to publish your contents if you still hold on to them waiting for perfection. If you are waiting for the perfect article before you will publish then you are never going to publish because you will never arrive at a perfect content.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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