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Advantages Of Using Subtitles In Your Articles

Updated on December 26, 2013

Understanding your topic and writing more.

Subtitling is another way of extracting ideas and patterns or breaking down ideas and topics for a better understanding. The more you understand the topic, the more words you can skillfully come up with or the more you gain confidence to establish and combine new relationships between words and phrases in conveying your idea.* With the subtitles method the whole ideas pertaining to the content or the topic will be much more simplified for you to understand well.

Developing related ideas.

They help to guide your thought in developing ideas and statements and ideas that are in line with what is already written or drafted. In fact, they also form short or simple straightforward statements that may later find themselves properly arranged and flowing in the content.

You get to see different parts of contents and their patterns all in totality so you know where to direct references to. You get to write in a much straightforward way without adding any unnecessary statement to contents. As you know where to direct a particular reference to an idea in a content, so you won't have to state them again.

They can also help in separating potentially contradictory ideas. This will make your content more straightforward. They help with connecting words and technical words development. You also get to understand topics and notice facts related to the topic in general.

Writing more.

If a single sentence in a content could inspire words, then it means subtitles can do so when arranging them. They help you reflect on your content and concept to churn out more supplementary ideas to for your draft.

Subtitles help in forming more ideas].

Subtitles can help you generate more ideas

Gaining your focus as writer-refresh your mind.

It is also a way of actually finding your bearings or topic of interest to write on or begin from. Working with subtitles also helps you to get back on track and sort of reorients you to previous ideas or drafts .It can be very helpful in generating more words and ideas for your articles.

You can always go back to check old drafts to see what your previous ideas were and the pattern. This will help you to regain interest in the ideas in the old drafts. The make attending to old drafts easy.

Staying in focus, deducing more related ideas.

To gather subtitles before starting to write is to help you guide your thoughts towards the nucleus of the article. So that you are restricted from going outside the lines of your ideas. So that you develop ideas that are in-line with what you intend to write about. This is even the procedure through which you are able to deduce ideas that pertain or relate to other previous contents. As you keep writing, you eventually get to a key phrase, develop an idea whose tone, or is in a key phrase that relates to the key phrase and image of another previously written content.

Working with them makes your work professional and easy. You get to put all parts of the content under focus, which is supposed to influence and guide your pattern of thought. So that you think straight forward. You can know the general concept before you write so that you do not go around in circles trying to find a point of view. The point of view and line of pattern is already in focus and you know where you are starting from and where you are going to end. It becomes easier to write to your objective.

Making idea arrangement easier.

Subtitling helps to make writing and arranging your ideas simpler because you can separate the article or your ideas -breaking them into simple straightforward sentences so you can arrange them in order or give them a particular flow and pattern to make your content more readable to a second reader.

Arranging and grouping ideas.

They are also to help you notice which other ideas can connect to the current content that you are working on.

Arranging your ideas.

These would help you to generalize and formalize your ideas or arrange them for the public consumption.

Subtitles making it easier to locate different ideas in the content.

*When you use subtitles for your content, it enables you to locate idea blocks within your content and therefore makes it easier to find places in your content to fix new related ideas when you discover any. This can also help in the proper arrangement of your content.

Making content intelligible and straight forward].

Use of subtitles guides your content to be simpler. It justifies the following content or the ideas sentences under them. You do not have to give much clue in any big technical words in your content. The subtitle gives the general idea to reader what the content is about. Apart from helping to make reading less boring, it helps you the write to stick to your point and focus of statement and idea or point you are trying to make in a particular part of the content. Reminds you of focus and prevents writer from deviating from his or her main point. [102]

The confidence to publish.

Introducing subtitles from the beginning helps you to publish your content. As you can easily locate your ideas or the different parts of your ideas, or as content is well arranged, you get to understand the content pattern and your own thought pattern. You get enough confidence to publish because you can also easily locate the different ideas in the content should you have any supplementary ideas in the future.

Give you an overview of article-Confidence in Publishing.

Compiling and mind mapping your subtitles will give you an overview of the topic and your thought pattern and article patterns. Hence, give you confidence in publishing. You will know what you unites your ideas - the common thing between all your articles. Also when the contents are a lot or you have lots of words to deal with, subtitles gives you a chance to focus on the various sections very well and perfect them. You have enough time to reflect on the individual sections of the content yourself.

When you are giving a speech and you look at the audience as a whole you may be tensed up and not do well in your speech. The same way if you break your ideas down with subtitles, you get to give the impression to the reader that every section of the content is special and important and must be read. At least it will also give the reader a chance to get back and read again, whenever they have the opportunity. Alternatively, they know exactly where to locate some interesting statements and ideas in your content for reference.

If you try to connect the ideas so tight from beginning to the end, you may confuse yourself. Breaking or putting subtitles between your Content should not make you fear of losing your reader's attention. In fact, you will command Patience and respect over your reader and hold his or her attention to the end.

Rehearsing with new vocabularies and keywords.

With subtitling, you get to rehearse with your new vocabularies before you really get to enter them into your content. You draw inspiration from there as well and brings your mind back to the content. It revives your interest in the article.

Improving your retentive memory and memorizing ideas.

A very much effective way of connecting parts of text or content. Because it is the only and effective way of learning and absorbing text and vocabularies. In a way, you memorize them. Moreover, you improve your retentive. You can easily remember related ideas to supplement ideas in the content.

Writing Straightforward way.

When you deal with subtitles, first you also get to write in a straightforward way.

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