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Advantages Of Writing Broadly

Updated on December 26, 2013

In our previous discussion, I spoke about the difficulties that sometimes we face in publishing your articles due to conflicting ideas within the content. I went ahead to explain that so long as you hold on to some ideas without publishing them, the more difficult it becomes to finalize your content for publishing. The new ideas that evolve from previous ones would start to conflict with old ones making them seem archaic and difficult to publish.

Conflicting ideas could destabilize your article

*One of the things that may get a writer confused and prevent you from publishing your content is the fact that you may be tempted to fit every idea into one content. If you are not writing broadly, you may want to use one platform to show off to your readers how much you know instead of conveying the exact facts to them in your content. You may end up deviating from your true message to readers as try to include all ideas, which do not fit into one article. You want to put them all together and end up creating all sorts of winding statements just to make your content boring and sometimes even abstract for readers. You get to confuse yourself and the reader. You cannot understand easily understand your own ideas let alone properly arrange them for publishing.

All related ideas cannot fit into one content

The fact that you find certain ideas useful and relating to a particular project or article that you are working does not mean that they all have to be in one content. . Some ideas no matter how related they can be to the current content or article would sound better in another article. Bringing all your related ideas in the content being in one content may conflict each other and create confusion for you the writer.

Write extensively and explore your topic thoroughly

Write extensively or explore your topic thoroughly and come up with all sorts of ideas. However, try as much as possible to select only ideas that fit the objective of the content. You will be helped much if you can differentiate between the tones of your sentence ideas so that you can appropriately select the sentences that that relate more to each other and not sound contradictory in your content.

When you explore your topic thoroughly, you will get to understand your topic very well. The more you understand a particular topic, the more you can communicate your ideas in a straightforward and understandable way to reader. You will know exactly what to discuss in your article and how to go about your ideas.

Know your readers.

In exploring your ideas, you come up with lots of ideas related to the topic. When you know your reading audience, you will also become aware of their taste of discussion and the kind of examples or ideas that they will expect from you. You will know the questions they want answered and how they want it answered in the article. You can then confidently omit unnecessary statement and maintain only that will appeal to your reading audience and make your content interesting.

Separate contradictory ideas and use them to start new articles.

Try to also separate contradictory ideas from your current article and use them to start another article. When you separate ideas into different articles, you can avoid destabilizing your articles and confusing yourself. It will also help you to free your mind. Moreover, you will develop technical words and you can arrange your ideas well.

You will be under no obligation to fit all your ideas into one article, which will consequently make your content sound abstract and difficult to publish. You will also have the freedom to expand your thoughts and liberate your soul. You will be able to prevent a writer’s block and at the same time make your ideas straightforward and easy to read.

*When you write broadly, it gives you a broad platform to express your ideas. Try to also give your ideas the appropriate subtitles so that you can easily track your thought pattern and arrange your ideas in the appropriate order.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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