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Affairs Worth Remembering.

Updated on October 14, 2009

Affairs worth remembering!.




I truly love that fair lady
who dances but
once, or twice a year
in the browning fields
of Summer and Fall.
She spreads her tented skirts
and sets her enticements all around,
staking her claim to all
the small town lovers
who wander under her
multicolored jewels.
The whirligigs spin,
and the carousel
of her mounted ponytails fly,
with tiny tots hanging on
for a brief escape,
to the magic of this
unforgettable night.
The ferris wheels of her eyes
flash in the midnight star scape.
I once shared a first kiss
becoming a pupil in her
dizzying heights,
as we rocked, and locked lips
high in the sky.
The lines of her palm where
fortunes are read,
whisper eerily
across the crystal ball,
that reflects her gypsy eyes.
She swirls like cotton candy,
and the men throw coins
for a glimpse of her
sugary sweet smile.
She scatters a colorful
menagerie of stuffed animals,
for any who would dare
to take a chance,
and dance with
her best friend Lady Luck.
The carnies bark out her
seductions near the back
of this grand ladies world.
There she offers her
deepest secrets,
the castoffs, infamous
geeks and the freaks,
animals with extra limbs graze
sadly amidst all manner,
of the strange and unwanted,
painted in vivid details
on the canvas of her
biggest purse, they are locked
tight in small vestibules
where many gather to
thank God they are normal.
She feeds the masses
always cooking with steamy onions,
and sausages plump with juice,
apples bathed in caramel,
and elephant ears
hear the quieting of many
tummies grumbling.
I've had many affair
to remember in the
cinnamon scented air,
perfumed by her beauty
and temporal grace,
but then she is
far too quickly gone,
off to make another
townie love her,
leaving only a vacant field,
and my lonely stare
to mark her passing.


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