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An African Dreams

Updated on September 28, 2009

The Cry of Africa

Today I spoke with a man from Ghana

And was moved by what he said.

His beloved country and continent

Have longed for justice and good.

Africa cries.

He spoke of his son

Currently studying in China,

And seems to enjoy all that the Chinese offer.

Cost of college is great

Compared to elsewhere

And the Chinese are quite hospitable

To a man from Africa.

Africa cries.

My friend from Ghana,

Jo-Jo by name,

Wishes that all nations

Would treat Africa the same.

His words, pumped full with passion,

Spoke of Africa's journey

From the slave trade, colonization,

The quest for gold and diamond

The demeaning of the African man.

Jo-Jo was agitated, as he called for change

It's time for Europe and Asia

To restore Africa's prominence.

Africa is beautiful, Jo-Jo called,

Why don't nations invest and build Africa again?

Africa cries.

Jo-Jo spoke of China's push

To do good in Africa

And hopes that this country

Will make his homeland

A diamond in the sun.

Africa cries.

We can hope with Jo-Jo

And do good where we can

To restore, rebuild, and lift Africa

To cherished status again.


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