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Africa Revolution, A Poem

Updated on June 24, 2011

Triggered By North Africa Revolution and Gadaffi Grip of Power

Our lands are filled

Honey almonds olive and fig

The soils are blessed

Diamond gold rare-liquid and all

Our reefs are pure

The contours are so attracting

The world wants to see

They crave for our land

Cometh the wolfs

Stealing our land away

The lions

Devouring their calves

Every bird ceases to sing

Parrots refused to laugh

Sparrows stared in terror

Calmed our land with sticks

Only the lions

Roared like the oceans

Every other quivered

Then cometh a voice

Far away

Deep beneath the sun

Why o silence

Speak o youths

Fight o courage

The lions fear a crowd

Go not in one

Your land will be healed

The land of Africa

Home of origin

Every man evolved

The North have paved the way

The rest must follow

Africa’s revolution

Do you believe that Africa will be great someday?

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