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After Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling's New Book

Updated on September 24, 2012

The Casual Vacancy

J. K. Rowling - The woman who inspired a generation with her riveting tale of magic, witches and..... Well.... Romance.

The bitter-sweet love story between many of her initial characters seems to have fueld a new, more, shall we say... Open... novel.

As a book strictly for adults and seams to play on the social theme of books such as '50 Shades of Grey' among others.

Although the book hasn't been released as of yet, a staggering 1 Million+ pre-orders have already been paid for. To anyone wishing to one day be on the newyork times bestseller list (reached at 250,000 copies sold) this is a complete laugh at every author who envy's that golden sticker.

Apparently drawing upon her own childhood town in the details and vivid visual text in her new book,

and has received some rather harsh reviews in England because of the statements regarding the rich in one part of the town and poorer peoples in the other and the borderline hatred of one another.

after Harry Potter, it seams that Jo has some fight left in her, and will continue to write as she pleases, her real world portrayal of the main character although a closely guarded secret is said to be a play on that of her own experience.
Like that of Stephanie Meyer in the Twilight Series.

There seems to be an underlying theme of these books and novels that are becoming more popular, is it simply a fad? Only women reading? or is it an agreement or understanding of authors of the changing times and a kind of nudge in certain directions?


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