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After Nightfall

Updated on December 12, 2015
Truth and Freedom went for a walk
Frank and Tina spoke as they talked
It's fine if you have a nice thing to say
But don't speak too quickly that hi-goodbye game.

There's a hubcap rolling in Tokyo 
There's a demon in your rattlesnake's lair
There's a clock with a surrogate's drum on it
And a sock you don't know so beware.

Pull up your leTigres pull up your pants
If the lions don't get you 
By the way let's dance

Let's dance to the kettle fish
Dance to the moon
Let's dance to the swinging late afternoon 

Let's roll with the apple cart
Tune the piano
Let's walk in the waterfalls 
Chance for a day

Chance for a day

Will it be late?
Late never comes,
Oh me oh my, they go together, you and I

Tina and Frank went for a walk 
Tina and Frank had such a fine talk
In the ascent oF noon,
The presence of sun,
And the wicked wilderness hardly begun.


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