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After her ball Was over and Bleeker Street Squall

Updated on February 25, 2010
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After Her Ball Was Over.

They kept Ella
in some
lovely crystal
mantled above
the fireplace
she so loved.

Her urn was
shaped into
a glass slipper,
in tribute
to a lovely
gal who
forever would
be marked
by her remains,
as a Cinder-Ella!




Bleeker Street Squall.

Bitter blasts from

a Manhatten chill

bend my harried umbrella

into a red, nylon tulip



I cringe under


a deluge that

mimes the icy sprays

of backwash from tugboats


steaming through

New York's Harbor.



Relentless it


saturates my flesh

in my mid-March rains.



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