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After the Rape

Updated on January 5, 2021
Subhadip 143 profile image

I am collage student and I am wort at media. I am also a content creater

The sleep was shattered as soon as I read it
Yashedar. Hungry stomach churning. Inside the abdomen
The soul is also shaking its hands and feet, the poor are also starving.I am moaning. Go to Koname and knock on the door
He gave. Usually someone has butctodayEven after making a few sounds

There is no response. What if one thinks
The outer door opened as soon as he pulled it.
Yashedar could not believe his own destiny.
So what is that day today?

After the rape
Can you escape from here? At the very moment
The last few attempts to escape are eye-opening
Floated in front. More beatings,
Arae is forcibly forced. Now the pain
No taxes, just hunger, thirst and external.
Sometimes I feel sorry for my son
Kure eats. Who knows how it is. And that
The lake? Laikata brought by that marriage?
How are you? Homeless wife for so long, in the corner
Didn't you find out at all? Who knows
Where is his Yasheda fall? Where is that
Bring it to the devils, a house in the forest
Who knows
It seems to be the event of the last birth. Marriage, son,
Own family, father-in-law, mother-in-law, whole village.
How much love, how much caress. Boy
Because of this, everyone's affection increased
Near. Demak was also on par. The bridegroom
It grows well. Even if it is a poor family
Glad he was there. Suddenly that's what does
Yes, Yasheda can't understand now.

After the rape
He ran to the grocery store in the neighborhood
Occasionally. The mother-in-law is busy with the boy. Father-in-law,
The groom is busy working in the field, everything else is there
It was on his shoulder. The devil was seen there
First. Was watching with the mind. To see and hear
He always has an eye-catching look.
Seeing yourself in the eyes of a child's admiration
Who doesn't feel bad, came back in good spirits
Yasheda. But Amata's Kira, never
I don't think of anyone except my own groom.
If you know what that sheep had in mind
Didn't you give it to the head of the village on the same day?
Understand that after the defeat. Empty
Returning home by a wheat field alley,
Suddenly he lifted Kokhe with a cloth over his face
With five or six, knowledge returned to the stomach
With excruciating pain. Even then one is one's own
Going to work, how many people are there before
How did you break it again before you left?
All dark. How long can you get up
Can't even walk. Food twice a day
Only two of them are good.

After the rape
Just two loaves of bread and molasses. In a few months
Gone, the clothes are torn, suddenly comes
All the gangs, the demonic tyranny,
Where to be again. After Commas
One day I felt another life
Growing in the body. Yasheda thought, what will last
In this torture? But what a strange vitality,
The baby survived. The oppression of so much starvation
Despite. How many times have I tried to escape
Yasheda. Every time he was caught, he was beaten severely
Juteche forehead. Is there really a release now?
He is full now. To escape in this situation
Can't you think of a light guard? Pressing the foot
Yasheda 7 came out by pressing Nah, no one.
Gently hide behind a tree, then
Another. When he came a little farther, he was suddenly very tired
Lagate lagale weak body. What is liberation then
Not here? Will they be caught again?
Yashoda loses consciousness while thinking.
When he regained consciousness, he ate the splash of water in his mouth.
How many Kachikacha surrounds him. A little
A child shouted just to try to get up

After the rape
A child shouted just to try to get up
As if calling someone.
- A little water, drink water. He grunted.
The baby's mother will be in a steel glass
Kunjo brings cold water. Drink
Let's have a little peace.
Where were you going? Who was with Of the village
If he didn't see the children, he would drag them away
Come on. In this situation, someone covered the forest?
After a while, I heard sympathy on people's faces
She. He cried and howled. Gently
He has been a prisoner for the last eight or nine months
Unbearable life.
It is very difficult to sit on the ground at this time. But
If there is no panchayat with him, it will work
Why? He sat close to his mother-in-law
There is Yasheda. When the panchayat gives the diagnosis
Yasheda is back, she has to be taken home.
But before that it was also reported to the nearest police station
Urgent. Even before that, the stomach is urgent
Destroy the baby. That's as soon as possible

Destroy the baby. That's as soon as possible
Either way. Otherwise it will go after Maya, what
Will Yasheda marry her husband? The sin of others
Why enter the village? Yasheda in the village without hesitation
Being oiled, this is not how much.
Love for Yashedar in the midst of so many problems
Not a single point has come. The last few months
He knows how to cut it. Everyone
Said he had escaped with another prisoner.
Searched less? Until the police
It has been reported that even Bhabesh is forced to do so.
Getting Yasheda back today is nothing
Don't leave. If someone has tortured that
The fault of the oppressor. Why his innocent bouta
Will be punished? Not going to look at the face
The girl. Abortion as soon as possible
It has to be done. Inside the house
Bhabesh looked at him and shouted, "Where did you go?"
Yasheda? Let's get to the hospital soon
That will happen.
But reaching the hospital is another disaster

Ultrasonography showed abdominal
The fetus is a little over twenty-seven weeks old.
Twenty weeks according to the law of our country
Legal abortion of older drones
Punishable offense. According to the World Health Organization
Such as the perception of pain or distress in the fetal brain
Either way, the mother's life may be in doubt.
Needless to say, the doctors agreed
Not yet. Desperate to return, Yasheda R.
Already physically, mentally exhausted
Yasheda also for Berana from her own predicament
Desperate. I went to the police again.
Yasheda gave a statement to the police as much as she could.
Even for his own sake, the devil is like a lake
It's important to find out. Then the police is the advice
Going to court in Delhi. If correct
Yasheda Bhabesh can petition on the way,
Even if the judge allows abortion
You can. In that case government hospital
Forced to have an abortion. But the problem is the petition

At the time of the verdict, Yasheda was thirty weeks old
Pregnant. The verdict, of course, went against Yashadhar.
But there was a hope that if delivery
Even then Yasheda did not give birth to this unwanted child
If you want, then take the child to an orphanage
Will be given, under the responsibility of the government.
Until then, Yasheda will be under government supervision
At the hospital. The society belongs to the neighboring world
Give to the child to seek relief from stress.
Yasheda started counting. Filled in time
She gave birth to a healthy and strong son.
Asked again for his opinion,
But he did not agree to see the child's face
She. Leaving the newborn behind
Gone in his old life. From the mind
Time, day, month with the pain of leaving something in the heart
And the average oil child with his own blood marrow.
Meanwhile, eight rapists are in police custody
They were caught later, they are also being tried
But after so much, the wife got back
Bhabesh's acquaintance is not Yasheda. Such a dream

He doesn't know Alavela Yasheda. Day after day
As the day goes on, Yasheda.
One day Bhabesh pressed, - What happened to him
Tell me. You have never been like that before.
The tears that have been suppressed for so long are also in Berana today
There is no way. Yasheda sighed, - Oh, that
Ray was my son. They all agree
He took it from me, that book of mine
Ray explodes. Dilina once to see.
Bhabesh moved in one fell swoop. What does it say
Yasheda? A sin, Yashedar is in so much trouble, his
The fruit is her child, she has so much compassion for him now
The two of them sat quietly in the dark,
Unable to decide immediately.
The next morning, the two met again
Holding hands on the street, on the way to court.
Once again, Bhabesh is determined. Yashada's son
Must be brought back. With wife if needed
He will leave the village. But a little more
Bauta can not be bothered.

Yashada's son
Must be brought back. With wife if needed
He will leave the village. But a little more
Bauta can not be bothered. She is his son
Son of Bhabesh too.


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