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Afterglow verse

Updated on January 15, 2015

It is the after hours of life itself
that hold me in contemplation
after a birth in a beginning
after the party in my youth
after the end of love as
a young lover

the afterglow

After the gifts were opened
after the feast prepared
after the leaving guests
after the hugs
and kisses
and all the dreams

the afterglow

The same holds true when
the loving was over and the
sleep began when that lover
left in the dawn
and never returned

the afterglow

Closer now than ever to the end
of love the end of having
the ends of longings and to
the ends of
the living itself

All but the afterglow itself
and may that never leave us
it may be the only thing we
can hold in our eye's
in our hearts
and in our souls

the afterglow

Take it with you when you go
the afterglow


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