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Aftermath by Toni Roman

Updated on April 19, 2011

the hero of the story

Mr. James Ellison, currently new CEO of Zeira Corporation and formerly an FBI special agent
Mr. James Ellison, currently new CEO of Zeira Corporation and formerly an FBI special agent

The Team

  1. James Ellison, the new CEO of Zeira Corporation – Tall, muscular and quiet

  2. FBI Agent Auldridge – an intense man possibly Hispanic but with an atypical name and very crisp and precise in manner

  3. Hackett from CERT -- guy with darting eyes, shaggy hair, slightly overweight, unassuming, arrogant and smart

  4. Mel – average, nondescript software developer who as soon as he speaks it is obvious is not happy and has no love of Big Government, Big Business or Big Anything and loves a challenge

  5. General Perry as a young man – his parents were immigrants from Africa, he had worked his way from private to general at a precociously young age and had few scars from the battles he had fought in obscure places around the world in special operations

  6. FBI SWAT Capt. Richards – a man in his early thirties, brown hair, gray eyes, trim, always looking at his surroundings as if he were never off the clock

  7. Dr. Ernest Chang, director of the Institute of Advanced Studies – professorial type, eyeglasses, analytical, well-dressed, fond of Brooks Brothers suits, genius, brilliant, wise, far-sighted, and well-read, Asian-American, the oldest one in the group at about forty-nine years old

  8. Darren Bean, DARPA official – tight-fisted accounting type who can throw around money when necessary, scientific training, dresses in casual suits

  9. General Simmonds, inspector general of US Air Force Intelligence – a person who seldom speaks, observes people, her hair is always pinned up (the only woman in the group)

  10. Lance Strong, Department of Homeland Security official – an over-serious man who seems like a paranoid hard-ass, black hair, brown eyes that could drill holes in a steel wall

Richard T Jones Talks About Terminator Season 1 DVD

Richard T. Jones talk S2 of TSCC

BuddyTV interview with Richard T Jones of Terminator

Richard T. Jones - Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles -Richard T. Jones audition

trivia about computer voices

The voice of HAL 9000 in “2001: a space odyssey was spoken by Canadian actor Douglas Rain.

The voice of “Colossus: The Forbin Project was done by the incomparable voice artist Paul Frees.

The voice of Proteus IV (or Adam Two) of the Prometheus Project in the movie “Demon Seed was spoken by Robert Vaughn.

Colossus: The Forbin Project

Now that Eric Braeden's soap is going away, maybe he'll do the sequel.  DF Jones wrote two sequels to the original novel.
Now that Eric Braeden's soap is going away, maybe he'll do the sequel. DF Jones wrote two sequels to the original novel.

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