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Aftermath of Love Subtracted.

Updated on January 2, 2010

Two poems on love dying:


Aftermath Of Love Subtracted.

Huddled flesh,
cuddles itself,
as tiny puddles
of teardrops
muddle the
fine tiled floor,
the room mirrors
the shakeup
the mirror frames
the breakup
his anger left
when he took a
swing at her
and got seven
years of bad luck
plus two bracelets
with keys an hour ago
Domestic violence
leaves scars
when one is pushed
into a corner
and stripped of
their dignity.


From Adoration To Abstaining


White sheets
polka dotted
with love's essences,
life's cherished stains.

Pink blouse
blood spattered,
one backhand too many,
as marriage miscarries.

Three pages
ink smudged,
tear blurred,
final divorce decree.







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