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Aftermaths questions

Updated on April 23, 2011

This poem is just my thoughts and opinion on war and its aftermaths on no account is it anything but prose.If it offends anyone I apologise but hopefully it will make you think about something current

Aftermaths questions

The grey fog of spent bullets
reeking of brimstone and death
The miasma of burnt powder
telling of wasted lifes in battle

The silence of a mortal ending
ringing in ones ears in volumes
echoing wasted and lost souls
for the cause of the ruler

The myriad bodies piled all around
crimsom staining into the soil
blood dripping in silence of the warzone
planting seeds of sadness for all time

The few survivors wander aimlessly
shocked at what was wrought
by them and their foes together
all on the word of their commanders

The question left unanswered by ones that live
and those that lost one in this war
ever hanging unasked and unanswered
by those in power and pulling the srings

Was it worth all this death and destruction
tainting the soil with the blood and shells
just to show the other guy who was bigger
who was stronger in the end

Who,I ask you in all seriousness,
in the end really won anything?
those that survived ever will be haunted
by the waste and doom that happened here

In the aftermath of a battle does anyone win
or is it just a show of force for all to see
that never resolves a thing other then death
a wasting of souls and time spent fighting this war

What was this battle for land or money?
oil and sand or religious differences?
does any of that really matter in the end
Just ask those who died what they achieved

Maybe they will answer you with this
We achieved the loss of life and time
all to achieve a spot in history books
remembered as those who fought in a battle


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    • crystolite profile image

      Emma 6 years ago from Houston TX

      I dey feel ya poem. I enjoyed it so much.