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Aiming For Lifelong Contentment

Updated on November 13, 2017



The Keys To Reach Our Lifelong Happiness

Once we have all these simple ways I mentioned bellow, surely we will then find what we call it 'lifelong contentment'.

  • Look at your past childhood time. Recognise how we may have felt deprived in our early childhood, please just deal with it, then move on. We may often experienced that we may have missed out on the attention we feel or think we deserved, wether the family life or the inherited wealth. But the earlier we stop blaming our parents, be quick and take responsibility for our own choices. Make the best of what we have then we will be happier and much more in control we will feel.
  • Appreciate our positives. Often we tend to fail to enjoy what we already have because we spend our entire lives looking at what we dont have. Take a look around us, the homeless man we pass at the station each day, a mother coping with a sick child, the dissabled man who struggles with his way arround daily life. Be very thankful of whats good in our life every day. Encourage happiness in others by sharing what we have.
  • Speak our mind. As happy people, we are always remarkably honest people. We have the confidence to say what's on our mind without any fear. So we are not bottling up negative emotions or unexpressed feelings. If we tempted to lie to someone or to keep something under wraps, then asked our self 'why?'. If we have something positive to say, just say it, if we love someone, tell her/him as much as we can. And if we appreciate someone's act of kindness, say so.
  • Stop the comparisons. Surely it is very unrealistic for us to expect to be happy all the time, but it is possible to feel comfortable in our own skin. It is a fact that depressed people make more comparisons with others, and as a result, feel diminished. Yet happy people on the other hand, rarely compare unless it is to learn something positive from someone we admire then we aim to do the same. We shouldn't fall into the trap of being threatened by the choices, looks or lifestyles. We should be able to recognise that somebody else's lives have no genuine impact on our own life.
  • Live in the present. Stop and ask ourself, what is the matter with our life right this moment? Most people will agree that there is very little, and yet our lives are consumed with worries about the past or the future. Why didn't I have a wealthy parents? When will I have enough money to make everyone we care happy? Is my partner going to be forever stick with me?Please, please learn to live each day as it comes. If we are not happy with something, change it. And the things that we can't change lets learn to take it.

So lets be thankful for all the good and valuable things in life, like life, love, family, friends, joy, health ecetera.



Are We Satisfied?

Being satisfied is not only about being happy. Being happy is only an experience that we have in the moment. And life satisfaction is being happy about your life.

The question is, how do have both being happy and satisfied with our lives?

There are 5 things that can make that happend;

Friends. For you having a better social life can be worth as much as an any additional amount of money that you dream to have. Friends are no doubt is a boost in life satisfaction.

Religion. You find friends in your religious community. You may find even a group of them that you may call them as supportive friends, and they do feel like a magical numbers of friends. The religious people usualy tend to be happier people, beacuse they are surrounded and connected with like minded people. People that is connected to their creator.

Giving good samples to the young. When you feel that you give a positive affect to the young generation, it gives you a certain special satisfaction.

Looking back in your life and knowing you did the right thing. Here you really can be proud of your self, of your achievements towards your goals and of your self with higher self esteem and a sense of control over your self.

When you feel and know that you are satisfied with your life, unlikely you will experience an axiety and depression.


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