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High Aims

Updated on January 15, 2018

Love the Smell Of Jet Fuel

     IN THE AIR:

It's been a long time since i've
 written on such an exciting topic
 this is my story. I've dreamed and 
worked hard all my life for a life
 to be as thrilling as hell!
 But all that time i had to wait(sighs)
 to get old enough to acchieve my goals
 finally it has become possible for me to 
write such a story
The years have been a huge load 
and i've spent my life grooming
myself and preparing myself for 
one of the the most difficult jobs
on earth it's hard to risk your 
life we are in the age of firepower
and the world has it's engines
 ignited and ready to fly upon their 
i too have a passion for flying
 one of the most thrilling and 
state of the art aircrafts 
but fighter flying is all about
 patience intellegence and a man's 
upon my experience in thes three 
years serving The Air Force i've 
learnt many things
the flights are amazing but i 
have one accident also and i 
hope no person should face the
 problem i faced 20'000 ft above
 ground a bird hit our wing 
my senior flt .lut johnas said
 that we have to land this plane 
and i being an inexperienced 
Immature trainee had to take upon 
alot of stress when we were
 approaching the runway we 
felt the jet shaking 

well i was surprised (laughs)
 it landed safely and i was 
there kissing the ground down 
on my knees aircraft had fetal damages
my collegues rushed in and
grabbed me i was delighted 

I was awarded as the best trainee
 trophy and the sword of honour by 
the chief that day i would miss and 
will surely be a part of my dear life.

Happy landings

Men Of Steel

© 2018 Jawad K


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