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Updated on July 14, 2016

This heart ain't free!

It's constantly saying and contemplating,

That the prize that I am chasing, is worth running the races.

This heart ain't free!

This girl is fine,

This girl who's mine,

You're on my mind,

All the time,

And you are the best,

You trumps the rest,

When you're around,

I can't feel my chest.

This heart ain't free!

Matter of fact it's in a bind,

Matter of fact it ain't mine,

Matter of fact it's yours of course,

Divorced the core right from the source,

Lifted the floor so you can store,

This major key,

a last resort,

There's no retort,

U built a force,

To force a girl,

To try your work,

It's worked,

And warped the earth,

It said I should hang on to her.


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