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Updated on June 16, 2016

About me

You don't know me, but you will, believe it or not every time you read something I've written know a part of me. Every writer leaves a bit of himself in every written and I am no exception. I hope you like what you get to read my account.

And I start giving some information about me, I am a 16 year old who loves to write, I love animals and I love to read and write (if you had not noticed)


You know why you're here?
I think not, but most likely look for something to read, and you notice a friend that you are in the right place. I am not an expert on this but with practice I hope to be someday, I put a lot of effort to each written and hope to improve and to distract a while.

Recommended books

The variety of books available is impressive, so sometimes we complicate the choice to read, therefore I will give you a small list of books that I personally loved.
1-Black Ice: This book was the last I read, mostly for lack of time but is worth doing time for this book. This book begins with a shocking way and changes so abruptly that leaves us with a huge uncertainty, the story is centered on Britt Pheiffer and its expected trip to the Teton mountain range -in his best friend- company history to be showing little we will little confusing and leaving us with many doubts, you will not want to leave the book to discover the end of this great book

2- Butterfly heart: While not the kind of book I usually read, I admit that this is among my favorites; This book shows us the life of Victoria, a young woman with anorexia, know a person just broken that she would try to help her disease

Is it possible to recover from anorexia? What do you think those who suffer? Look at the view that Victoria has probably one very close to reality because the author of this book has suffered this horrible disease


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