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Aladdin and the Lamp short script

Updated on March 29, 2016


Scene 1: At the City of Agrabah

Narrator: Salaam and good day to you worthy friend.

• Welcome to Agrabah. The city of mystery, of enchanment, and the finest merchandise.

(Sing and dance “Arabian Nights”)

• Welcome to Agrabah. The City of magic just like this lamp. This is no ordinary lamp. It once changed the course of a young man’s life.The diamond in the rough.

Scene 2: At the Palace

Jasmine: But daddy, why you want me to get married?

Sultan: Jasmine, that’s the law. By tomorrow night…..oh choose wisely.

Jafar: Your highness…. Prince Achmed is here and wants to meet Princess Jasmine.

Jasmine: I don’t like to see him.

Lago: Wo-wo

Jafar: If Princess Jasmine won’t be married tomorrow…. By law, she must marry me.

Sultan: who?

Jasmine: You?!

Lago: Ho-ho

Jafar: Yes, it’s true.

Jasmine: Ewwwwww…

Jafar: Sorry princess, I didn’t make the laws.

Jasmine: I don’t like to marry you. I hate this palace law.

(Jasmine and Sultan exit…)

Jafar: I must have that throne by any means…. And I need to have it as soon as possible.

Lago: The lamp boss?

Jafar: The lamp, once I have it, the world will be mine. Hurry to the cave of wonders.

Scene 3: At the Cave of Wonders

Narrator: Jafar tries to enter to the cave of wonders but he is in surprise….

Cave of wonders: Who dare to disturb the gate of the cave of wonders?

Jafar: It is me….. Jafar the humble.

Lago: And me…I am the prince of parrots and the psychic superstar.

Jafar: I plea….allow me to get the magic lamp.

Cave of wonders: Only the diamond in the rough can get the lamp.

Jafar: Diamond in the rough?

Lago: What’s that?

Cave of wonders: the worthy man….

(Jafar and Lago look at Aladdin in the magic crystal.)

Lago: You mean? The diamond in the rough is that street rat?

Jafar: The diamond in the rough must get that lamp for us.

Lago: And you will be the sultan, right boss?

Jafar: We don’t have the time….let’s go to the market place.

Scene 4: At the Market Place

Vendor: stop thief….thief, thief….stop

Aladdin: Good morning Ma’am!

Woman: In trouble again Aladdin?

Aladdin: Me, in trouble? No way.

(sing and dance “One jump ahead”)

Lago: He is there!

Sultan: The princess is lost….follow me, let’s find her.

Jafar: Guard, that street rat has kidnapped the Princess, get him back to me alive.

Guards: Yes boss.

Lago: Oh you’re good…. I mean you’re bad.

Jafar: enough

(Aladdin and Princess Jasmine meet in the market place)

Aladdin: Hi

Jasmine: Hello

Aladdin: I’m Aladdin.

Jasmine: I’m Jasmine, I’m running away from the guards.

Aladdin: Hey, me too.

Jasmine: Where can we hide?

Aladdin: Ok follow me, I have a plan.

People: Thief stop…..

Aladdin: Do you trust me?

Jasmine: Yes

Aladdin: All we gonna do is jump.

Scene 5: At Aladdin’s place

Jasmine: Wow, you live here?

Aladdin: It’s not a palace but hey it’s home.

Jasmine: I like her. The palace is look like a prison than home.

Aladdin: So, where are you from?

Jasmine: It doesn’t matter. I ran away and I am not going back.

Aladdin: really?

Jasmine: My father is forcing me to get married.

Aladdin: That’s not fair.

(The guards find them)

Guard 1: Here you are.

Guard 2: Catch him.

Jasmine: I command you to release him in the name of Princess Jasmine.

Guard 3 : Princess Jasmine?

(All the gurads bow to her)

Aladdin: Princess Jasmine?

Guard 4: Princess Jasmine, we have the command from Jafar to catch him.

Scene 6: At the Prison

Jafar: Pick picketers must be punished. The law is the law, but wait, would you…could you?

Lago: Don’t look at me.

Aladdin: go ahead

Jafar: If you can get this one little important thing. I can release you from here.

Aladdin: and giving something to eat….you got my deal.

(Lago releases Aladdin)

Jafar: Get me that lamp and I will give it to you what you want.

Lago: To the cave of wonders

Scene 7: At the Cave of Wonders

Jafar: Get the lamp nothing else!

Aladdin: Wow, lots of diamond. The lamp, here you are.

(Aladdin gets one diamond)

Aladdin: Jafar….help me.

Jafar: Give me the lamp now.

Aladdin: Ahhhhh (falling)

Jafar: I don’t have the lamp in my hand.

Scene 8: Inside the Cave of Wonders

Aladdin: Oh, it’s dark. What will I do with this lamp?

Genie: Wow, it’s good to be back. Hello, what’s your name? Ah, let me guess….Hercules? Spiderman? Superman? Benten ?

Aladdin: No, I’m Aladdin.

Genie: Nice to meet you, Aladdin. You look smaller compare to my last master.

Aladdin: Wait a minute! You mean, I’m your master?

Genie: Yes and you have 3 wishes for me to grant.

Aladdin: 3 wishes?....Wow, awesome. Ok my first wish, I want you to let me go out from here and my second wish, make me a prince.

Genie: Ok…. Your wish is my command. I will turn you now to be a prince.

Aladdin: Wow, great!

Genie: And to help us go out from here………. (magic carpet comes in)

Aladdin: Wow, a real magic carpet.

Genie: Ok, let’s go now.

Scene 9: At the palace

Jasmine: How could you do that to him?

Jafar: I’m just saving your life Princess.

Sultan: What are you talking about?

Jasmine: Nothing daddy.

Sultan: Bytheway…. Are you decided whom you will marry Jasmine?

Jafar: Speaking of that! Jasmine, you have 10 seconds to choose or else you will marry me. 10, 9, 8, 7, …

(Prince Ali is approaching to Agrabah…..sing and dance “Prince Ali”)

Sultan: And this is the right prince for you, Jasmine.

(Prince Ali is talking to the Genie in the lamp before facing Jasmine while Jafar and Lago see them)

Prince Ali: What will I say to Princess Jasmine Genie.

Genie: It’s up to you, listen to your heart.

Lago: He is the street rat.

Jafar: Yes and he’s got the magic lamp.

Jasmine: So Prince Alibubo.

Prince Ali: That’s Alibabwa, Princess Jasmine.

Jasmine: Whatever… tell me what problem you can fix here in Agrabah?

Prince Ali: I will give work to the poor people and make them happy.

Jasmine: Exactly, just like let them decide in their own.

Prince Ali: Yes, and let them choose what they want to do and want to be.

Jasmine: We can change their lives and we can change those laws.

(Prince Ali and Jasmine hug with each other)

Prince Ali: There are many people waiting us out there! We can change this world.

(Magic carpet comes and they fly…. Sing “A Whole New World”)

Scene 10: Jafar rules the kingdom of Agrabah

Jafar: Welcome back guys! I have made a few changes.

Lago: Changes…..changes…changes

Jasmine: Father, why are you in chain?

Jafar: Because, I’m the new Sultan. Isn’t that right, Genie?

Genie: Yes, that’s right master.

Prince Ali: But I’m the master of the lamp.

Genie: Not anymore Al, sorry.

Jafar: Seize him

Lago: Seize him

Jasmine: Daddy, are you ok?

Prince Ali: Jafar, I challenge you man to man.

Jafar: I accept. Now, Genie it’s time for my second wish. Make me a powerful sorcerer.

Genie: Yes master! Your wish is my command.

(sing and dance “Prince Ali Reprise by Jafar and other)

Jafar: Welcome the real prince Ali…..the street rat.

Jasmine: I thought you were dead.

Aladdin: I want to tell you but…

Jafar: enough….. Hahaha…. I’m the most powerful being on earth.

Aladdin: You’re wrong Jafar; there still powerful than you…the Genie

Lago: Don’t listen to him boss.

Jafar: Aladdin is right. Genie, I wish to be the most powerful genie.

Genie: Are you sure?

Jafar: Don’t question me slave.

Genie: Your wish is my command.

Jafar: Now, nobody is more powerful than me. Hahaha….

Aladdin: Let us see Jafar…. You’re a genie now. It means, you’re a slave (use the lamp).

Jafar: Oh no no…….

(Everybody is singing “All hail Prince Alladin”)



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