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Alannah's Poems

Updated on June 20, 2011

Little Boy

The audience is filled with excitement and joy and sitting on stage is a little boy.

The little boy that's sitting there was scared to death on that chair.

He made a wish, then flish!

Then off he soars into the night. It gives him a terrible fright.

And there he is back home in bed. It was just a dream he firmly said.

The little boy is happy now and now is dreaming about a cow.

The Wings of a Bird

The wings of a bird way up in the sky.

It's quite absurd to watch the bird fly by.

Where does it go? I don't know.

It goes places I've never been or seen.

And the bird flies on through the snow and the heat over mountains, fields and the beach.

The Rain

The rain is my tears and sorrow.

I only wish I could borrow some of the sun's love.

My Little Sister

Bib - a - dee - bop - bop

My little sister said

And if you do not say it i'll bonk you on the head.

She's tiny and annoying and very very loud,i'd like to take her way up high and drop her from a cloud.

She's stomping all around the house with an angry frown but what she really needs to do is calm and simmer down.

Whimping and complaining is what i hear all day although i really love her, i wish she'd go away.

My Family

Welcome to my family, five we are in all
A happy, joyous bouncy lot I’m sure you’ll want to call
First up comes old daddy bear, Russell is his name
He stomps about and sometimes shouts there’s no doubt when he came
A friendly, loving, funny chap I’m sure we all agree
When daddy’s on a spending binge he always makes it free!
Next up comes old mummykins, though perhaps still young tis true
She loves to curl up with a book and think bout what to do
You see she has all kinds of thoughts big ones, little and long
The things she makes poor daddy do, she never gets it wrong!
Alannah then we come upon, is blond of hair and smart
The things she conjures up we say she makes it such an art
She loves to play and sing out loud and give her sister grief
Teasing, taunting, silent glares, she gives her no relief
So Lauren then we see here now, a loving caring sort
She has a host of beanie bears that mum and dad have bought
A happy, weepy mixed up kid, she always has us vexed
Pictures, crafts and tinkerings, what will she make up next
And finally so we come to Simon, the biggest of the clan
At six foot two he takes full charge and does just what he can
England now is his abode though cold and damp and boring
He comes to visit frequently, then’s off again surf boarding
So that’s us people, a motley crew, with talent looming large
A better family, great to have, you’ll never see at large
I love them all in equal share is fair enough to say
How wondrous they have made my life, I feel it every day.

Creative Night

Star light star bright what will my world bring home tonight
A brilliant bar, a heady stroke, salacious peal upon my yoke
Around I stare and sieze the train, then on I trudge amidst the rain
Is clear to me but not to them, how to declare my sin on Shem
In part to choose and offer much, sometimes no more to feel and touch
Then up I fly and unto heaven, I dare to dream beyond the leaven
So back to ground I find myself, write up the noyance upon the shelf
And so to send, another voice, to clear the air, to offer choice
And over now and on and on, to find a star that’s not yet shone
So satisfied I sit and rest, no more to do to pass the test
Alone I linger and savour all, as once again the answers call
Give now over to human grace, enjoy the moment at langsoms pace
Good night dear night.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      its the most long,interesting and annoying poems ever


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