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Alcohol, drunk driving and children

Updated on May 16, 2011

What I read
in the paper of today
took me by surprise
it blew me away

A 9 year old boy
in the North of the UK
took a car
and drove away

Police on duty
stopped the child
for he was driving
pretty wild

They couldn’t believe
what they saw
this driver was
merely a boy

They opened the door
of the car
the smell of alcohol
reached real far

What was up
how could this be?
He was drunk and driving
in the streets

The officers had
to set him free
for he was too young
for a penalty

Can you believe
what happened there?
A 9 year old
Do his parents care?

Or are they like
their 9 year old child
too drunk to care
if he lives or dies?


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