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Alcohol the legal hard drug

Updated on May 15, 2011

Degradation of
the human race
sold in bottles
that is the case

Causing stupidity
and abuse
killing brain cells
what’s the use?

Organs wasted
the body worn out
alcohol consumption
endangering the crowd

Friday night
the streets fill up
people running
to the local pub

and screaming loud
What’s up with them?
What is it about?

Women half naked
on a winter’s night
men all heavy
ready to fight

Foul language
fills the air
everybody’s wasted
nobody cares

The grown ups
and their children too
following tradition
of a bunch of fools

Destroying their life’s
Did I make an appointment?
Did I agree?

How did I get home?
What did I do?
Who’s laying beside me?
Who are you?

Legal hard drugs
that’s what it is
all addicted
to destructive bliss

Thousands of life’s
ruined every day
but please do not
put the bottle away

Just keep on drinking
and pretend to have fun
so you will forget
the damage done


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    • LadyFae profile image

      LadyFae 6 years ago from Under the Stars

      Dear darel, first of all my apologies for the very late reply. I moved countries, again lol and have been very busy finding a house, school for my kid, started a job etc etc etc.

      And to answer your comment. I couldn't agree with you more. And of course pot is not a drug. It was put on the drug list for political reasons, e.g. money. It's a herb.

      Love and hugs


    • profile image

      darel 6 years ago

      Exactly... pot is much safer.

    • LadyFae profile image

      LadyFae 6 years ago from Under the Stars

      @ Chamilj, thank you for reading and commenting. I sincerely hope that alcohol consumers will read this. However, I have some doubts about that. As soon as alcohol consumers hear or read negative feedback about their favorite hard drug they usually turn the other way. It's called denial, exactly like people that are depended on other hard drugs. Sad.

    • LadyFae profile image

      LadyFae 6 years ago from Under the Stars

      @ Fucsia, you're more than welcome and I would like to thank you for reading my words. And I agree, I too hope that getting this problem out in the open will make a difference because things are really getting out of hand with that elixer.

    • LadyFae profile image

      LadyFae 6 years ago from Under the Stars

      @Alastar Packer, it is such a danger to our society and they just keep on promoting it. Thank you for reading and appreciating and I can only hope that my effort will make a difference somehow.

    • chamilj profile image

      chamilj 6 years ago from Sri Lanka

      Interesting hub. Every alcohol consumer must read this. Thanks!

    • fucsia profile image

      fucsia 6 years ago

      Thanks for this poem. I hope that the more we talk about this issue the less it is a problem. Your way to express your contribute is very original.

    • Alastar Packer profile image

      Alastar Packer 6 years ago from North Carolina

      LadyFae, I've seen more lives destroyed, disrupted, changed and wasted because of alcohol than anything else. So your Hub here is appreciated.