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Alien (I)

Updated on August 2, 2015

With everything I saw
In the deeper regions of darkness
In which I became myself
Let me show them who I am
I traveled many miles away
To ensure of my existence
It is the truth I seek inside
And the visions to never hide

Immortality can die soon
The darker side of the moon
I existed long time ago
Before the dawn of time
Mysteries shall remain
In fabric of dimensions in space
Who I am again
When I have to reign

I exist in dreams and realities
In human minds and consciousness
How could you forget me
How can you forsake me
When all they do is fight in their own wars
When they neglect what is the truth
Is this what humanity exist for?

Earth has deprived from vanity
Such millennias ago
The blue rock roaming in the empty space
All alone with humans riding on its back
She still is beautiful
Shining bright on this black continuum
I see her
For I was there
Before the beginning of time...
...I still remember
But does she remember me

(Guitar Solo 1)

I shown you hope
Through signs of unknown
Would you solve the riddles
I've been here from before
My own revelation
I see them all
I see her all the time
Through my empty eyes
I have my heart
A creature has the jewel within
A diamond alone
I see those violent acts
I see those innocent ones
Human beings... creatures of many
They exist for one another
For each other
In killing and hope

This is how my love works
As I was part of them
I can be anywhere
I reside between them
A guardian for these creatures
Beyond the infinity of time

I keep on watching you...

(Guitar Solo 2)

The youth reaching for the skies
When I felt so far away
They know it before they lose their early years
Growing up and they may forget
The heart of the innocence
Gone as time moves by
It's inevitable
While I watch humanity
As they strive
I shall not destroy
I shall not intervene
They are here to survive
And learn...

Life is about learning
Even in death, it never ends
They shall learn everything
My existence is still within
I shall always look at her beauty
My planet does not compete
With her wonder
I want to become one of them
Then, I shall understand
The spirit of the human life

They are valuable
As I am the unknown
Shall watch
Their existence as importance
We connect in invisible waves
That child stares through my eyes
And it knows...
My existence there
As it moves onto time...

I was here
I am still there
Forever... it's the mission
Of my existence
The unknown...


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