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Alien Nest-Poetry

Updated on November 19, 2014

Being sifted like wheat

Mentally trapped in this Nest like i am physically trapped in this Nest.

I am afraid sweating and wet,what else is to Get..(?)

Should i continue nor let...(?)

Seeing trouble and that a Hat nor Cat...(?)

Depression yelling OUT [!] LOUD [!] ''well come back,here,come ,take am i...first Guest, to lose my life Taste ?...and gladly accept to fail my life Test...(?)

To has changed to become a Blood speeding Pest

Am...i...On the list ?

To become its feast, God...Lord..Tell me at least i do not even know,what follows next,Neither do i expect.

I accurately know and saw,There are no rosy days,for those who suspect,in this Nest of ours and Hours, there is no time nor future,this whole exposition is not Exact.

I am trying very Easy to contemplate,why Death is driving life without a Number plate,still deep in the brain of a Human that feels like an Alien Nest.


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