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Aliens and Zombies living together?

Updated on August 12, 2010

The Big Question!!

Can Aliens and Zombies coexist when the time comes? That is the age long question that even ancient historians and scientists could never figure out. When the aliens invade and the zombies come out, how will we know exactly how they will get along with each other. Who are we to say that the aliens may not take to friendly to the zombies, or vice versa.

We can all see here where prejudice and racism will come into play. Right now the zombie race is trying to establish itself as the new species in town, but jealousy can override that when the aliens come down for the weekend. We all know that aliens have always been the more popular race of the two. So it is no wonder why the zombies might feel a little bit of jealousy.

Can't we all just get along?

I don't see why not! I mean little alien babies and little zombie monsters will be learning the same education that our human kids are learning. They will still be taught their ABC's and 123's!!

There will always be lower and upper classes of no matter what race of species you look at. There will be aliens working in our banks and law enforcement, and there will be zombies running our country. If we humans can take so kindly to our new found friends, why wouldn't they take kindly to each other? Perhaps there might be some psychology that is at hand here?

the psychology behind it

Maybe each race feels as if they need to prove themselves to us humans and earn their right to call earth home. This is the only reason I can think of that would cause any kind of problems between the aliens and the zombies

It is our job to teach them the right ways

How can we expect the two different races to get along if we as humans aren't willing to step up and teach them when the time comes to it?

We all need to do our part to be a role model and show the aliens and zombies the right way to act around each other. WE need to show them that kindness, patience, and politeness is the way to go. Be courteous to the two races and explain to them that that is the proper way of living! I think if we all just pull in and do our part, a little bit can go a long way! So step up and be the voice of reason and discernment for our future new found friends! I know I will!

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