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Alira's Quest- A fictional tale of survival in a world under siege (a work in progress)

Updated on March 11, 2017

Chapter 1- The first page

I think this used to be some kind of warehouse district." Rick looks around at the rubble on all sides of the group. He is starting to doubt this mission because it's not possible his old buddy is still alive. "I don't like doesn't feel right.". 'Stop! It's him, don't worry so much.'. He laughs and shakes his head. " I thought Daryl was shielding us." He says jokingly.

" Andi giving you shit again?" Rafe asks, as if he heard her. "That woman of yours doesn't have a problem speaking her mind, does she?" The older man is teasing Rick. Everyone knows they are mates in the truest sense of the word. It is almost impossible to tell where he stops and she starts. They are almost never apart.

"Yeah," Rick laughs, "she definitely knows when to kick my ass. Even from this far away." You can feel the pure love and respect in his voice. Andi is his world and the only person that can dampen his rage. At six foot four, long and lean, pure muscle, he isn't someone to be pushed around. Making him angry is a huge mistake, as fighting is second nature to him.

Alira laughs out loud, even though they are supposed to be as quiet as possible. "You know that doesn't work on mates, Rick!" Whispering, she adds " by the way, we have company, five snipers." She pauses, " make that four, Daryl got his.". She smiles as if she has a secret.

"How far Alira? I can only see, maybe, three buildings still standing enough to be good cover." Doc asks. The tension in his voice is high, because the game they are playing is dangerous at best. He visibly relaxes, some, "Jared got his." The problem with pretending to be bait is the possibility of actually becoming a target. ' Like I would let that happen...' He hears the annoyance in his twin's voice.

"After all this time, you think I'd be used to y'all in my head." Rafe jokes. "At least it's more censored now!" Always on point, he is scouting the area. He can feel danger, but he can't see it. "Dalen has his mark and is ready to go." He relays the message, his voice deadly even.

"Kira has hers." Alira whispers. Only she knows what is truly going on, she has seen all of this in a dream. She planned it down the the smallest detail, but the Aranese are unpredictable so anything could go wrong. "Dalen is holding his position."

Doc gets his evil doctor smile, which is truly frightening when you know the horrors that haunt him. Timelines asides, Doc is, by far, the most dangerous person in this group of highly dangerous people. At least on the mundane level. "Teren has his! Game on!" Held by the Aranese in the future, but rescued by himself before he could be implanted with a spy. The torture he endured to break his spirit so he wouldn't reject the spy, was beyond imagination. Then to be dumped into another time before being able to adjust did something to his mind, that there was no command no back from. " Now, which building, so we can get this little charade over with!" 'I know you're tired, bro, we all are. Give it a rest!' He hears Jared in his head. He is using twin-speak instead of the psychic link they all share.

Ever so amused that is going so smoothly, Alira informs them, " The second one, though I think he knows we are coming."

" Then, let's go!" Rafe sighs. He also wants this charade to end.

The building is old, made of early 19th century brick old. The windows are opaque with age and dirt. Measuring eight feet high by six feet wide, divided into four by three foot sections. Some of the sections are broken and the building shows signs of battle damage. An antique iron sign, discolored from the elements, says ' Terre Haute Iron Works est. 1845'. Rafe looks around with a smirk on his face. He is leery of the next stage and feels like something is going to go wrong. " I don't like this, it's an obvious trap!"

Doc feels it too. He can hear Kira and Jared talking. He hates this form of communication, it brings back too many bad memories and flashbacks. " I agree. Alira, are you sure about this? It's Aranese central."

© 2017 Marlo Wilson


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