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Alive or Living

Updated on October 6, 2016


During a stroll at night, I discovered a graveyard,

And the surprising thing, it was in my own backyard,

Ever step I took tombstone after tombstone blocked my way,
With the bodies of my loved ones buried to decay,

As I entered my home, I found everyone alive and well,
And this confusion made my head swell,
Was it all a nightmare? Just a bad dream?
The realisation hit me, loud and clear like a painful scream,

For everyone around me was like workers of a beehive,
They weren't living they were just alive,
The spark of their eyes, replaced by a dismal sheen,
From sons and daughters of lord, they became the first organic machine,

Their ideals, their soul behind their goals they sheath,
Lost in the race they sometime even forgot to breathe,
In their life, with little truth and abundance of lie,
They are truly alive only when they cry,

To have a moment of life, what wont the dead give,
For they have realised, that for only once you live,
So I learned that even if we slow down, in our goals we would still thrive,
But before dying we should at least be alive....


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