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All My Tomorrows Are Today

Updated on September 20, 2012

Her little face becomes even smaller as the car speeds down the drive. I let her wave wash over me the way the ocean takes a victim. Then I frantically wave back. I watch until she disappears into the watery horizon that leads to the highway, the entrance to the unknown.

They took her and left me.

I’m alone now. They took the two cats as well. The dog disappeared a week ago.

The house remains with its small garden that I don’t know how to take care of, along with its well, so at least I have fresh water. I hope I’m strong enough to draw it. Rupert always did it before but he’s gone. It’s a large house, two-story, because once there were many of us living here. Now it’s just me. I thought there would always be someone to take care of me. I thought I would always have friends.

I ate an apple from the box of food they left me. I look for some cheese but they must have forgotten it. There are some clear bags with noodles in them and several cans of vegetables. I’ll need to learn how to cook.

The box isn’t very big. Does that mean I won’t have long to wait until they come back and take me away to where the other children went? A few days, not more than a week, then the food will run out. They wouldn’t let me go hungry.

They looked at me funny as they were leaving. They barely spoke to me.

I wonder if they’ll return.

Normally, I play with the other children at this time of day. We have games we like. We had games we like. I hope they’re playing games now with each other. Maybe someday they’ll let me join them again.

The house feels strange. I climb the stairs expecting someone to run down them, laughing. The stairs are silent, as is the house. The bedroom doors are closed. I open each of them and leave them that way. I don’t want to be alone.

Did I do something wrong?

Maybe I ate more than my share. It didn’t seem like more than anyone else. But I wasn’t paying too much attention. Maybe I’m not attentive enough. My mind does tend to drift when I’m bored.

I have a feeling that I’m going to get bored a lot now.

There are no other houses out here. I’ve never seen one. I want someone to take care of me. I want to smile again.

The dust kicked up by the car’s tires has returned to the earth. I could go out front and kick it up again with my feet but what would be the point. There’s no one to laugh with me.

I walk behind the house, over to the cliff’s edge and stare at the ocean, eternal as the sky. I carefully climb down the path that leads to the beach. The hot, beige sand is gritty against my soles. My toes dig in as I walk. I move closer to the water and its tiny waves cool my feet.

I wade out into the only beauty left in this place. The waves are gentle. I let them wash over me, covering my head, welcoming me into the unknown.


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