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All a Writer Wants

Updated on December 30, 2013

The art of writing

They only want the facts

Clients want the facts with:

  • A short, attention grabbing introductory hook
  • A body with approximately 500-words
  • That are broken into small paragraphs with headings
  • A brief call to action at the end

All facts must have sources linked in the body, or listed at the end with corresponding numbers. Do not write fluff or it will be rejected immediately and plagiarism will not be tolerated. Plagiarism will get your account deactivated and the article rejected.

These instructions sound terrifying when you have just joined the ranks of article writer with one of the many writing websites out there. But, if you have good writing skills, they will work with you until you learn the format and other rules for writing SEO content.

Opportunity still exists

The internet offers writers the opportunity to hone their craft by leading the way from one genre to another. Changing styles and writing in ways never tried before improves the grammar, style and versatility writers possess.

Though creativity sometimes gets left behind and facts take the place of true color. There is money to make online and writing to earn enough to live can stop a good writer mid-sentence.

Keyword integration

Apparently a few bad apples have made clients paranoid about writers who plagiarize, take topics they know nothing about or just do not write the article.

The clients expect a lot from writers who do the best possible job they can on every article. On average SEO articles will have 550 words with one or two required keywords. The keywords will:

  • Come evenly spaced throughout the article
  • Add up to no more than 5 or 6-percent of the article's content
  • Written once in the title, once as a heading and once in the meta description
  • Deep linked four times to the clients website with one link to the about us page and once to the contact page.

The keyword may not relate to the topic at all. An article about fashionable umbrellas may require 'steel belted radial tires Georgia' as the keyword. Trying to work tires into an umbrella article five times takes a lot of creativity, which clients seem oblivious to.

Passing on an article

Clients who begin their instructions with threats of rejection and blacklisting risk having their article passed on by talented writers. Pride will win over a few dollars. Writers are people who take great joy and pride in their work.

Threats lead to an article sitting, unclaimed until a less talented writer can take it or it expires leaving the client without a blog or piece to post anywhere.

Saying please and thank you works, even in cyber space. When an article pays well, only the top writers have access to it and proper etiquette will always get quality workmanship in return.

The more you know

Writer's responsibility

Writers, too, can make the job harder than it is. The need to make enough money to pay bills drives some to take more than they can finish by the given deadlines. This leads to:

  • Requesting more time
  • Asking questions to freeze the clock
  • Missed deadlines
  • Poorly written articles

Quality articles now rule the internet and the time taken to write engaging content needs accounting.

Freelancing on the internet to make a living is hard. The work does not hold steady and you never know when a client will decide your writing does not fit their needs any longer. Working for more than one writing site is common.

Burnout happens quickly and when the creativity dries up, writers can barely put a sentence together.

What do you think?

Do you notice an improvement in article content over the last 12 months?

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Never give up

Whether you want to freelance as an anonymous writer for a crowdsource website or become a recognized blogger, the competition grows every day. The talent pool runs deep and you have to keep writing, even when you have no more words to give.

Clients and writers working together can build an internet of quality, fact based information people come to when they want the truth. That truth may pertain to the best refrigerator on the market or the progression of a medical condition. Regardless, it will always be the truth.


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