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The 5 Most Annoying Stereotypes of Being Pretty

Updated on September 30, 2013

People naturally associate how you look with your personality today. It's the norm for most of the country. Looking like a supermodel is one thing that has it's good perks and bad stereotypes.

There's the perk that you're attractive, so finding a mate wouldn't be hard. You look happy, upbeat, and like the typical best friend; that's always nice.

There are a lot of good things that come with being pretty. A lot of doors open up. These doors can lead to lies in love, deceit in friendships, betrayal in trust etc... My own point is it comes with some of the worst and most aggravating assumptions ever.


The Housewife

People quickly associate you with the typical housewife. If they haven't predicted that you're going to be is a house wife, they've predicted you'll be a TROPHY wife.

People see you and swear out you're the everlasting happy pretty wife that loves cooking, cleaning, and having babies. That's all you are expected to know how to do.

Having kids, cleaning, cooking, and smiling all the time inside the husband's house is where you're supposed to WANT to be. This is what your parents, friends, even foes BELIEVE you want. Which is the annoying common ideal associated with being pretty.


The Stupid Girl

Oh you can't possibly know that 2 + 2 equals 4, or this is the general idea. You have no concept of how to read well or spell. You can't recognize numbers or answer questions without answering with another question.

All you are supposed to know is how to do your hair, put on make- up, exercise, and shop. It's assumed you never had to learn anything like normal people. Your attention span is lost in your reflection in various personal and public mirrors. Your reflection is supposed to be everything, and because of this, you're supposed to be very stupid.


Wealthy or Poor Fool

Because you look the way you do, you have to be the most privileged person in the world. You have to be rich. No poor people can be pretty.

So privilege is you, and boys flock to you as well as girls, expecting you to have a lot of money and a car. Don't forget the car. Quite possibly a red or pink one. They want to be seen by everyone with the pretty girl who's privileged. This can lead to contacts in the future and possibly a high paid career.

But don't forget, you're expected to like all the same boys all the wealthy girls around you like. You're expected to dress the same. Hang with the same people. Want to be the same girl the other girl is. You're expected to me a domino in all the other dominoes. Your paths are all alike, like a pack of Oreos, meant to be invested in, used, and enjoyed.

And if you're pretty when you're poor or middle class, you're supposed to be used. People would rather see you on a pole in stringy lingerie.

You're the person that's not worthy of marriage, only good enough to sleep with. You're supposed to take the scraps in life, not try to better yourself and amount to anything, not even a common wife. These stereotypes are brutally easy to fall into, and are placed in the common ideal that's associated with being wealthy or poor and pretty.


The Loose and Wild

All you're supposed to want to do is have promiscuous sex and go to somebody's party. You don't want to study; you want to get drunk. You want to be popular no matter what it takes.

People categorize you as either the party all the time person, or the be on the beach in a bikini all the time girl playing volleyball.

If someone wanted to find you, they can expect not to because you hang out all day after school or after work. People say your monogamy has you getting pregnancy tests weekly, terrified of the results.

As soon as you walk in a club, men think you're meant to be someone that likes making out in bathrooms.

People think you grab an STD or two almost every month. You're the sexual fantasy girl who they assume will do anything with almost anyone.

Men and boys expect you to get drunk at parties or clubs. If not get drunk, they definitely expect you to go home with them or one of their friends. This is the most common for pretty girls.

The Lifetime Victim

Now the norm with this one is that you'll be a victim forever. That you will allow guys and girls to force you into doing this or that. That because you look pretty, you can't punch someone in the face. You're the soft sweetheart that can't discern how to defend herself not even strategically.

The other pun is that you're already a victim of violence. You're already being abused by your husband or boyfriend.

Females who look pretty are expected to be gullible, too-friendly, and to easily pick-up someone who will abuse them and treat them like a child.

People automatically assume you need someone to take care you. Hold your hand and lead you through life blindly. You're supposed to be the prey to guys with anger issues, a child to be taken care of, and a pushover. It's all enough to make you turn into a professional boxer and most of us do.


Last To Note About Being Pretty

These are the most aggravating and maddening assumptions that one associates with being pretty. There are still women that give life to these puns. If anyone is a housewife simply because they want to be, that's great, at least you chose it.

If you're loose and wild willingly then, "it's yo thang, do what you wanna do." All I'm saying is, choose in your life. Don't accept a norm or a pun because you fit into it.

At least if you live with regret they were all your own decisions, not someone's little set-up.


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    • profile image

      Ariel Reed 2 years ago

      These are so true, and I encounter these ridiculous stereotypes daily. Yes, you could consider me pretty, so apparently that gives people the right to consider me stupid? I don't think so.

    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 3 years ago from Williamston NC

      Glad to hear it @Sarah McLean. Thanks for reading.

      Toni N.

    • profile image

      Sarah McLean 3 years ago

      So unbelievably true and SO annoying. This is why I am an authentic person, so that I can be strong and confident and don't fall under the eternal victim stereotype