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Allama Iqbal Poet of East

Updated on July 13, 2013

Dr. Mohammed Iqbal

Dr. Mohammed Iqbal was great poet, thinker, philosopher. Iqbal was national poet of Pakistan. He was also called Poet of the east. Iqbal is considered one of the most popular poet in Urdu language. His revolutionary poetry filled with message.

Iqbal was active member of Pakistan movement and he played vital role in creation of Pakistan. Iqbal was first person he presented concept of Pakistan after some years his dream become true.

Iqbal poetry is full of message and revolution he travelled several European countries including Britain, Germany and Spain for education and traveling his knowledge was very vast and his poetry covers every aspect of life.

Early Life

Iqbal was born in Sialkot. His father was simple and honest man. His father was not very educated but his mother was very helpful women. Iqbal was highly educated he travelled several countries for education. Iqbal got his early education from his native town Sialkot.

He went to Lahore for further study. Iqbal received his bachelor of arts degree from local college and joined University of Punjab for higher education. Iqbal also travelled to England for higher education. Due to hard work and extra skills Iqbal received scholar ship from leading college. Iqbal travelled to Germany for PHD he earned his doctorate after successfully completed his thesis.

Iqbal Poetry

Iqbal first collection of Urdu poetry was published in 1924. In start of his career Iqbal poetry was inspired with Persian language but after late career he adopted Urdu as a main language. His most famous collection "wing of Jibrail" published in 1935 which was considered finest in Iqbal poetry.

It was inspired by his visit to Spain where he visited several land marks and places. Iqbal also wrote two books and many letters in English language. He was also invited in famous Cambridge where he showed his literary skills to audience. Due to his revolutionary poetry Iqbal was recognized poet of the east.

Political Career

Iqbal was active member of All India Muslim League. He was very close ally of top leaders of Pakistan movement Mulana Mohammed Ali Johar, Mulana Shukat Ali and Mohammed Ali Jinnah.
Iqbal forced Mohammed Ali Jinnah to return back form Britain and take charge of Muslim league. Iqbal believed that Jinnah was the only leader who acceptable for everyone. Due to his active role and hard work Iqbal selected president of Punjab Muslim league.

Last Days

After suffering month form illness Iqbal died in Lahore. His tomb is located in Lahore. Large number of people visited his tomb every day. Every year all nation observed Iqbal day to remember his memories. He was poet of nation and will be alive in hearts of thousands of Pakistanis forever.

Tomb of Allama Iqbal


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