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Allena Tapia

Updated on December 23, 2011

Writer and Editor Allena Tapia

Allena Tapia is a writer and editor for GardenWall Publications, LLC. Through GWP, she provides copy, editing and English-Spanish translation for clients nation- and worldwide. Niche subject areas include education and Latino issues.

She lives in Michigan with her two kids, Mari- an animal lover, and Benicio- a wanna-be-soldier. Her husband is an accountant at a local school district and together they like to run 5Ks, volunteer at the kids' schools, and go out with friends. Allena Tapia's other hobbies include volunteering for a sister cities committee and volunteering for Meals on Wheels. (Her kids often beg to go on MOW deliveries with her, because she gets to push a cart around a retirement apartment village. They ONLY like the cart and will clamp up when the residents try to talk to them!

Allena began her writing and editing career in 2005 after earning a BA from Michigan State University (she also has some grad credit in Professional Writing from the same school). She majored in English and minored in Spanish and Education. While at State, she volunteered for Capital Area Literacy Coalition and the Student Parent group.

She worked in editorial desk jobs at both the University and at Lansing Community College. But, a chance opportunity with a former professor opened her up to freelance work. Her former Spanish professor began publishing a regional magazine for area Latinos. The magazine covered social justice issues, education, health and the like for the audience. Tapia noticed some typos in the English articles, and called her professor, offering to edit for him. That volunteer work became her first paid gig.

Allena Tapia's favorite accomplishments to date are her work as the Guide on Freelance Writing at (a gig she's held since 2007), a byline at Huffington Post, and work for Kirkus Reviews.

Her future include "more of the same" along with some ebooks and a nonfiction book on freelance writing.


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