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Allen's Trial Part 1

Updated on March 5, 2017

Allen's Trial Cover

This is a cover I drew myself.
This is a cover I drew myself.

Lying on the ground, his body began to stir, before his eyes shot open. He slowly stood to his feet, as the breeze blew through his jet black hair, and grazed his peach colored skin. He gazed at his grimy hands, before looking to the darkened woods ahead.

Oh That's right she was kidnapped. He thought, as he lowered his hands.

It started earlier that day as he sat in a field with a young blonde girl in a light blue dress. They held hands, as she graced him with a gentle smile.

"So Allen, surely you had more planned out than meeting me here." She giggled, as Allen blushed and lowered his gaze.

"Well no actually, I was just so excited to see you that I didn't have anything planned." He muttered.

"Well no worries, I'm sure you'll think of something on the fly." She replied, as she stood to her feet.

Allen then shot to his feet, before he swooped the girl into his arms, and leaped into the air.

"Allen, what are you doing?" She asked, as she gazed the ground.

"Hold on tight Beatrix." Allen replied, before he shot through the air.

Beatrix clung tightly to his shoulders, with her face buried in his shoulder, as she felt the rushing winds breeze past her and through her hair. She slowly turned her attention to the environment around her to see clouds whizzing by. An expression of bewilderment came across her face, as she realized where she was.

"Y-You can fly?" Beatrix asked, as Allen nodded in response.

He landed in a wooded area, and placed Beatrix on the ground, as she still wore a bewildered expression. Allen then channeled an orb of energy into his hands, before spreading his arms apart and separating it into two smaller orbs. Beatrix watched that the orbs changed into balls of fire.

"What are you?" Beatrix asked.

"Don't worry, I'm human. I just happened to learn sorcery a few years ago." Allen replied, as he dispersed the flames with a wave of his hands.

Beatrix breathed a sigh of relief, before Allen took her by the hand, and lead her through the forest. She indulged in his gentle grip, as she felt assured that he was still the joyful spontaneous boy she had known since they were little. Beatrix's reminiscing drew her closer to Allen, before she found herself leaning against his back, as they continued their trek.

Beatrix was snapped out of her nostalgia when she felt her body being lifted into the air. She felt herself once again in Allen's arms, as three loud explosions rang in her ears. Beatrix looked to her left and saw three charred paths of grass in front of her. She then looked ahead and saw three lean muscled humanoid creatures with orange skin and horn protruding from their foreheads.

"Allow yourself to be our feast humans, and we'll make your deaths a painless one." The creature in the middle stated.

"Fat chance of that." Allen retorted, as he placed Beatrix back on the ground.

Beatrix stood behind Allen before he charged forward, and leaped over the swing of the middle creature's right arm. Allen landed behind him, before he lunged forward with a right jab. Allen's attack was interrupted, as he was struck in the ribs by the second creature on his right. Allen slid on the ground, before he rebounded to his knees, as he held his right side. The second creature charged towards Allen, as he channeled energy into his right hand. The energy ignited into a flame, before he ducked under the creature's left arm, and retaliated with an uppercut o his jaw. The creature staggered back, before Allen charged forward, and was struck in the left by the third creature. Allen hit the ground and slid, before he rebounded to his knees once more.

"You really should learn to watch you blind spot, human." The third creature said, as he and his partner approached Allen.

"Never thought I'd get advice from a demon, but I'll keep it in mind." Allen replied, as he channeled energy into his hands.

The creatures darted at Allen, before unleashing a barrage of punches, that Allen tried to parry. Allen was then struck in the stomach five times, and the chest four times, before he crashed against the ground. The creatures turned their attention to their leader who carried Beatrix in his arms. They approached their leader, before the three vanished within the shadows of the forest.

© 2017 N B Yomi


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