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Allen's Trial Part 2

Updated on March 19, 2017

After his recollection, Allen darted into the forest. Allen channeled energy into his right hand, before he held it up to illuminate the path in front of him. Allen continued his trek, before the sound of rustling leaves caught his ears. He halted, and looked around, as nothing but trees and grass met his gaze. Allen continued his pursuit, before he was struck to the ground by a wisp colliding with his right side. He leaped to his feet, and shined his light to the right, before he turned to his left. He shined his light in multiple directions, as he heard giggling surround him.
"Behind you." A voice whispered, before Allen complied.
Upon turning around, Allen starred into a pair of white eyes. Startled, Allen jumped back, and saw that the eyes belong to a monkey looking creature with shadowy black fur that had vaporizing strains dispersing in the wind.

"Who or what, are you?" Allen asked.

"I am Majumba, and this forest is my home." The creature replied, as he spread out his arms.

"So that's why you attacked me? Because I'm invading your territory?" Allen asked.

"Kind of, but there's also another reason..." Majumba replied, before he appeared an inch in front of Allen.

Before Allen could react, Majumba had his left index finger on Allen's forehead. After a flash from the tip of Majumba's finger, he saw Allen's interaction with Beatrix, before she was kidnapped. Majumba then removed his finger before he distanced himself from Allen.

"I see, so what the Critets told me was true. You are pursuing those brutes. Meaning, I need to prepare you for them." Majumba said, as he turned his attention to Allen.

"Wait, what?" Allen asked, before Majumba vanished.

Allen scanned his surroundings with nothing in his line of sight. Feeling a chill up his spine, Allen sped forward as he heard a series of screeches. The screeches got louder, before Allen halted as four creatures resembling Majumba descended towards him. Allen dashed forward before they landed and began to pursue him. One of the creatures leaped over Allen's head and landed in front of him. Allen halted, before he looked back and saw the creatures comrades closing in from behind. Allen then created a flash by clapping his hands, as the creatures reeled back, and shielded their eyes. Allen ran towards a tree on his left, and proceeded to scale it. After the flashed faded the creatures lowered their arms and saw that Allen was gone, they ran forward assuming he was still on the ground. Allen was leaping through the tree branches, before he came to an abrupt halt.

Why am I leaping through these trees to avoid those things, when I can fly? Allen thought, before he shot into the sky.

After Allen felt the wind around him, and saw the clouds at eye level, he was struck from behind, and sent crashing towards the ground. Allen crashed into the forest ground, before he staggered to his feet.

"What was that...?" Allen muttered, as he channeled energy into his left hand.

"So Majumba was right. You really do have trouble watching your blind spot." A screechy voice stated.

Allen turned about to see a giant vulture with red glaring eyes.

"Oh c'mon, why are you guys doing this to me?" Allen asked.

"Majumba made us aware of your situation, and we're merely trying to prepare you to face those demons. They are proficient in battle. But you found that out first hand." The vulture replied.

Allen then leaped into the air once again, before the vulture appeared behind him. Allen turned his attention to the bird and flashed a bright light in his face, as it shielded his eyes. Allen flew over the vulture's head, before the four monkeys leaped off his back, and grabbed Allen's arms and legs. They plummeted to the ground, before crashing, as Allen lied still. A flame then engulfed Allen's body, and seared the monkeys' paws. Allen then leaped to his feet and dashed forward maintaining the flame around his body. Allen halted, as he felt a heavy burst of wind crashed against him, before he looked up and saw the vulture flapping his wings. Allen shot a blaze of fire at the bird, before his flame was quelled by the bird's wind. Afterwards, the monkeys had caught up to Allen and lunged at him, before he created another blinding flash of light. Allen had hidden in a nearby tree, as he watched the vulture and monkeys pass by him.


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