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Allergies: pollen of birch arrive in droves this weekend!

Updated on April 7, 2016

Allergies: pollen of birch arrive in droves this weekend!

"The risk will become high, see very high since the weekend and especially Sunday,because of the expected weather" indicates Charlotte Sindt, Director of the nationalmonitoring network aerobiologique, to AFP.
In the South of the France, the pollen season is however already well underway: Sycamore, ash and oak pollen are trying to take over from the pollen of Cypress, arrived on the shores of the Mediterranean world from the month of February.
With the arrival of birch pollen, "allergy sufferers will have to prepare for a difficult period" underlined the RNSA in its latest bulletin.
They will not have much respite since grass pollen, also very feared by people with allergies and who arrive generally that towards the end of April or early may, are already beginning to be present.
"The mild winter we have experienced this year made that wild herbs developed earlier," explains Mrs. Sindt.
The different present pollen in the air can cause allergic reactions, such as rhinitis orconjunctivitis, which vary depending on the type and the concentration of pollen.
To reduce allergic symptoms, allergists are reminiscent of that must be avoided towalk in the Woods in the midst of pollination, close the windows or even to wash hair after a walk.
In France, about 30% of the adult population and up to 20% of children are now allergic to pollen


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