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Almost Home

Updated on December 21, 2014

a poem for Stephanie, my daughter


Almost Home……

I haven’t seen you since you were but a teen,

All full of yourself, you thought you had the world by the tail.

Smart and sassy you withheld your true feelings,

Hiding your effervescence light,  I knew you would be a grand woman someday,

A spirit to recon with when you were done sewing your wild oats.

And then time did fly, the years and the miles pulled us apart and I thought of you

so many times,  how is she?  Where is she?  What is she doing?

Did that woman blossom into the beautiful flower I knew in my heart she would be?

And in my own heart I always wished you well,   you’re a fighter and I knew you would survive.

Almost a decade passed and then my phone rang out of the blue.

A brother wanting to know if he could put us back together and heal my heart?

I always worried I had failed you somehow and I carried the guilt.

“I really was listening mom” you said, “ and I have you to thank for teaching me so many lessons”  a tear fell and my heart sang……..

You found me and we were on our way to being what mother and daughter should be, even if blood did not tie us, you remained my one and only daughter, my baby girl.

The girl with the mile high bangs and the quick laugh and smile.  The little artist and story teller, I can still see that child in my mind. 

But now the woman HAS blossomed and like a rose with so many pedals, you are a treasure to me and all those around you. 

We only have a few more days until this gap is closed my darling daughter and I know I will cry with happy happy tears when we are finally together again….    

Love Mom

Copyright 2011 © Lvanhorn  All Right Reserved


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