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Almost.....Most of All.

Updated on January 5, 2010

Almost...Most Of All.






Almost a rock star
opening for many greats
and standing all told
in front of well over
three hundred thousand
in my life
singing my heart out
in bursting staccato beats
and watching
the masses move
and most all
of it was good

Almost a poet
yet words still
ooze from my soul
as if to cover
the wretched editors
who force me into the
bindings of a pink slip
yet for them I
dance across more pages
and spill more thoughts
to the music of life
and if most all of it
has moved others
to see my muse....
what more can I ask?

Almost an actor
feet treading many boards
in multiple varied stages
from bit parts to major roles
television and radio work
under my belt
but adding little calories
yet still to be
someone else
for several hours
and live another world
is mostly the reason
why I ever donned
the grease paint
and crossed the
temporary portal
into anothers life.

Almost an artist
with thousands
of works sold
all over the world
but knowing full well
that until my palette is dry
and I lie in a tumbled
sculpture of bones
only then may I be recognized
and given the acclaim
deserved for most all
that I did.

Almost a dreamer
but war sucks the visions
out of my cringing flesh
as I watch boys and girls die
and loved ones cry
over useless causes
on foreign soils
that I have also
tasted in other lands
in other times
the scars mar the dreams
and most all of
what I cherish most
when I view possibilities
is but a dream
that almost came true.

Almost done
with this work
and most all seems to
touch on what I
meant to say
but so much more
leaves me wordless
and so I close
at almost 4:00 P.M.




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    • pbwriterchick profile image

      pbwriterchick 8 years ago

      wow.. you sure were almost alot of things! :)