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Along Came A Spider Review

Updated on June 25, 2017

As a boy who born in Vietnam and doesn’t have many changes to find all of the books I need to read. One reason maybe my government can’t import all the masterpiece novels and great books from Western, Oriental and even Asia region. And if I can read it, it’s just translate into Vietnamese and can’t have full books of one series like example. But I was very lucky. From the trip to Japan, my sister had bought for me one device to help me read whatever book I want. And you can guess what I’m talking about. I had for my own one Kindle machine. My Kindle is not large like other modern book reading machines, it even doesn't have flashlight function to read in the dark. But I don’t mind about it. At least I had for myself one intelligent weapon to help me download any book I like. And this is my main point. In so many of great authors. I have chosen novelist James Patterson is my first arrival. He had written so many books, really a successful writer. But I’ll write about him at another day, Ok? I know he had written many series, and I love book series so much. That’s why I had started my adventure with “Alex Cross”, maybe the best brand what James had made so far. I joined to the world of black detective Alex Cross, the first volume “Along Came A Spider”.

At first, in the first page of the book. We can imagine at the farm house in one deserted area. And we have seen the act of murder with one little baby by one boy. You can call himself is “The child of Lindbergh”. He buried the baby and make the perfect evidence for himself. A perfect crime. And that’s the story of many years before. And I said it really a suspense and thrilling beginning of the series.

We must know, about our main character too. The detective and also the psychologist of the police department, Dr. Alex Cross. He’s the father of the 2 children, Damon and Janelle. And Alex’s grandmother Nana. They together live in a lovely house. But anyone had the dark past. Alex Cross’s wife, Maria Cross, who had died many years ago. She was killed in one murder case. The case that Alex Cross can’t solve. He had lived in that pain for too long. The tragedy of the hero.

And he had a partner. Like Sherlock Holmes have Dr. John Watson; Batman has Robin. Then Alex Cross has John Sampson. Two of them had been the friends when they just the kids. Working together, is the neighborhood together. A bond couple. In the contrast with Alex’s calmly and gentle, Sampson is passionate and maybe too reckless sometimes. But that make two of them become the best friends forever.

As a detective and also is the professional psychologist. Alex Cross have the duty to solve any case have to concern with murders, illegal activities. The opponents Alex Cross must face usually is the murderers, serial killers, psychopath criminal. At the first part of a novel, he must solve a terrifying case of one family murders. A number of victims are kept increasingly. Till the kidnap of two children in one famous school, Michael Goldberg, and Maggie Rose Dunne. Through the police investigation, they find out the most suspicious suspect is Gary Soneji, a math teacher of the two kidnapped children.

Everything is going to serious when Alex find out the secret past of the serial killer Gary Soneji a.k.a The child of Lindbergh. Gary Soneji, show up himself is the dangerous nemesis of Alex Cross by his perfect calculation, master of disguise and tricky plans. The excellent villain for the beginning of one reputation thriller series. Gary is making hard not just for Alex, police department and even the FBI. A true psychopath killer.

Beside the bad guy. This book is great because it describes the character of the main protagonist very good. And his complicated love interest with Secret Service’s agent Jezzie Flannagan had made this masterpiece thriller full of passion, romantic, suspense and amused.

The most shocking passages of the novel are when Alex Cross find out his lover Jezzie had tricked him to steal away the money ransom with other Secret Service’s agents. Or when Gary reveals his true identity is the multiple characters. He has two personalities in himself. One is Gary Soneji and another left is Gary Murphy. The modern example for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

I pretty like the writing style of author James Patterson, the words he used is simple and easy to understand. The most interesting about James Patterson’s books is he really good to create the twist to made his audiences surprise. And one face about the book that the writer just using the short chapters, not the long ones. It makes his product easier to reading and understanding.

In my conclusion, I give 9/10 points for this thriller. Surprisingly, fantasy and attractive. I want to enjoy more books of James Patterson.


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