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Alpha & Omega

Updated on June 18, 2011
Alpha And Omega [DVD]
Alpha And Omega [DVD]

Come along on the ultimate road-trip adventure that will leave the whole family howling with laughter! When Kate, a take-charge “Alpha” wolf, and Humphrey, a laid-back “Omega” wolf, get snatched by park rangers and relocated halfway across the country, the two must set off on an incredible journey home! With the help of a goofy golfing goose and his quacky duck caddy, Kate and Humphrey won’t let anything stop them – prickly porcupines, grumpy bears, even a speeding locomotive – from getting back to Jasper Park in time to help save their pack from rival wolves! And along the way, Kate and Humphrey learn that even though they are complete opposites, they make a pretty good team! It’s a thousand miles of fun in this wildly entertaining journey the whole pack can enjoy together!


Haven't learned to like nor love myself

But, I do believe in and respect myself

If I can only change the past

Revive the present

Save the future

Predict the prophets

It will only be the beginning

My revelations are levitating

To some Homosapiens, I'm Satan

Get me behind

You the same ones to stop my shine

They say God is crying when it rained

I'm in a constant battle with everything

Calling me out in vain

I still have faith

I'm strange in a good way

You don't have to see me

I'll pass you by like wind and time in a day

You can pass judgment on me forever

I'll have the final word on what to do with your life on Judgment Day

No human really knows who I am

Who I am to man and woman, only the Lord know

I carry the crucifixion for protection

From the Garden of Evil I've been resurrected

Into a disciple, apostle, mystic, apocalyptic

Lift souls, touch spirits

In the presence of a seraph, I'm gifted

I'm the horizon of day and moonlight

Take me to paradise

Through hell I give insight

I'm Christ when I write

The period of all your sins against me has expired

I welcome your bones to the Lake of Fire

For mercy your souls are singing like a choir

Of the wickedness from thy neighbors, I'm tired

Nothing you can do to me that hasn't already been done

I'm not obsessed with revenge

If I'm lead into the temptation

My life and the world will come to an end

My grace to all my foes will be eternal damnation

Suffer, rot, burn underground

Yes, I'm afraid to die

It doesn't make me less of a man if I cry

Praying for forgiveness

I was born again

I will always be the miracle worker

Known as the sage

Giving birth of rituals

Biblical without the whole knowledge of the Testaments

Realism into the life of a man I accept

In search for everlasting happiness until there's none left

Outgoing until my last breath

Now its the end

The last of a great Messiah

I am the Alpha and Omega

©2006, Alphonso Taylor. All rights reserved. No republication of this material in any form or medium is permitted without expressed permission of the author.


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