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...Alteration... poetry by Carole Anzolletti

Updated on January 27, 2015

I slip past you

alternately loving

and hating you

Just when I have the door

almost completely closed

I see your toe

and I back away

as you inhabit

the threshold

once more


Let's do this

over and over



I see the cycle

and I can break it

I can alter it

I can change it

I can leave it

all behind

The cycle continues

The smell of vomit

on the rug

The huge black fly

in the lamp

The sound of barking

in the window

The kicking off snow

in the doorway

The cycle continues

The sounds and smells

anchor me down

both repulsive

and altering

The cycle ends

Poetry by Carole Anzolletti


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  • profile image

    JanikaLeeReyes 2 years ago

    So simple, yet powerfully written. I love this, thank you.

  • clivewilliams profile image

    Clive Williams 2 years ago from Nibiru

    Hi, interesting poem

  • bigj1969 profile image

    John Marshall 2 years ago from glasgow

    One of the best poems ive seen in a while.great hub.