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Always Look on The Bright Side and It Always Gets Better

Updated on September 15, 2011
Holding a puppy feels good :)
Holding a puppy feels good :) | Source

When someone you love is dying, priorities tend to continually shift. The shifting may not directly reflect what is important to you that day, hour or minute...but changes are reflected definitely and immediately, upon each day, hour or minute, nonetheless.

As an adult, and even as child after reaching the point of critical thinking, I have never experienced a sudden, unexpected death of someone close to me. The death of my grandmothers, maternal and paternal, during my adult life was expected to varying degrees.

It didn’t make it easier; it just made it slightly less life changing.

Knowing that my brother has a brain tumour that is unrelenting...that’s scary beyond comprehension. Knowing what quite possibly may be coming, and during certain times what most certainly is coming inevitably is something so frightening and so downright negative, that you have to take a step back from it all on occasion.

There are times that you just have to throw your hands up in the air and say, ‘Bring it.’ Bring it, Cancer. Bring it. Bring your unpredictable calamities and horrendous, disgusting strength over the human constitution and make us all bow down to your unbridled power. Bring your force and your negativity and your apparent random pickings. (Sarcasm is my friend). And though my mental positivity is all that I have to combat you with, it’s grander than your physical ailment could ever hope to be. So just try to pick me.

I don’t have cancer that I know of. And I don’t plan on having a cancer attack my body any time soon. I don’t know if I’ll ever get cancer but I do know that positivity of the mind translates directly to a positive physical being. I do KNOW that acceptance of negativity breeds more negativity. And I wish I could share that with everyone. I wish I could make all aware of the detriment to the soul that thinking negatively produces. I wish I could travel back in time to the point in which my brother’s brain tumour manifested itself and I wish I had the power to oust it right then. I wish I had that power to give him!

Realistically, of course I can’t. Realistically, each and every time we allow ourselves to become pissed off, depressed or antagonized, if only for a moment, we let in that cancerous beginning; that tiny inkling of spiritual negativity that can very realistically become our physical undoing.

As one people sharing one planet, we all need to come to grips with some very basic, humanistic realizations:

· We are not gods. We are flesh and bone and our flesh and bone, if not cultivated and revered, can quickly become our tombs. On the flip side, we are all Gods! We are the voice of own decisions. We are all the makings of us.

· We are alone within ourselves. Whatever feeling, emotions or thoughts we have are ours and no one else’s. When our death comes, it is always individual. On the flip side, love those that you will, and tell those that you love, that they are important to you. In every way you can think of. Speak it, feel it, draw it, sing get the point.

· We can control our own destinies. It’s easy once you realize it. You are in control of whatever reaction you have to whatever happening you voluntarily or involuntarily walk into. And once you are in control of those reactions, you manipulate your own fate. It’s not easy but it’s doable.

· We all have mental power that is capable of physical force that is off the charts.

· We are already supreme beings. Every one of us is born a supreme being and it is through our own personal cultivation that we determine that we stay that way or fall down into the holes of trepidation and unworthiness and despair.

The way we look at life around us, the way we react, shrink away or meet life head on are the distinguishing factors that build our own personal constitutions.

And our own constitutions, whatever they may be, are what bind us together as a whole people of the planet we share. Our names mean nothing, our backgrounds, histories and predicting environments mean nothing. We can overcome adversity, when adversity is all that we’ve known. We can throw away our anti-personal power in favour of our personal power, through one act of defying malevolence.


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