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Is She Really Happy About..?

Updated on April 10, 2018

-Part 1-

Her father was a PhD student at that time in another country which is so far from where i was born. The first flight of her life; she and her mother were flying to the city where her dad was doing his PhD. Her mom and dad they were too young, in their early twenties. They are both engineers, deeply in love but two completely different people.

She wasn't aware about she was in another country, obviously.. Her mom was not working at that time. She was spending everyday with her daughter. She has already had some friends around her age from their apartment and started to learn this new language during spending time with her new friends. Her dad was generally busy with his experiments at the laboratory, sometimes he was working there during the night as well. When he was at home it was kind of a nightmare. Fights, fights and fights.. Little girl was aware that something was wrong. She was just 2 years old and worried about her mother. Still she was playing games with her friends but there was already a fear in her big blue child eyes.

Her parents didn't get separated, they were in love. Well, she never understand what kind of love it is.. The meaning of love was shaping in a different way in her thoughts. When she started to go kindergarden, teachers realized her aggressive behaviours. This little girl was not saying to her friends or teachers about violence scenes, maybe she was just scared. The pinky little world was changed, she was keeping everything between her colorful memories.. It was a bit too early to learn worrying.. She was too worried for her mother who was her best friend.

After her father finished his PhD, they turned back to their country.. New life, new language, new school and new friends.. All of those things were too heavy for her. Fight were still continuing at the same time, more and more..

to be continued..

© 2018 Eva Marjane


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